2 sister kittens up for adoption

2 sister kittens up for adoption

Meet Tillie and Toodles!

These cute girls and their 2 brothers were found with no mother last Aug. at about 5 weeks of age so their birthday is sometime in July 2012.  They have very different personalities, unique in their own way, as most cats are.


Toodles is a more laid-back version of her sister.  She plays more solitary games  although she enjoys having another kitten or cat around.  She likes to be snuggled up close to your neck!  Doesn’t that sound nice on a cold evening?  One of her favorite games is to bring a sparkle ball to the top of the stairs and give it a bat and then sit there and watch it roll down the stairs!  Pretty clever for a 5 month old!  She goes in search of those balls so she can repeat the game time and again.  She enjoys other kinds of toys too, of course.



Tillie is a bit more of a busy girl.  She follows her foster mom around the house, helping with chores.  What are you putting in the dryer?  Should I help you check that out?  (You always need to know where the cat is when you close the drier door prior to turning it on.) Making a bed?  Tillie would be a good help there too.  She can hold the sheet and blanket down so they don’t get lost or, even more fun, hide under them!

She’s good with her sister too and both get along with the 2 adult cats and 2 pugs in the foster home, along with mom, dad, and 2 young daughters.




We’ll have an adoption on Sunday., Dec. 20 from 1-3 p.m. at the PetCo in Richfield and these girls plan to attend.  If you are interested in filling out an adoption application for one or both, click here.


Check out Bijou, also under a year, who is Pet Haven’s ambassador cat at Chuck and Don’s in Highland.  She’ll be visiting through this week and Saturday.