2014 Fall Benefit!

2014 Fall Benefit!

New space, new time, old favorites, happy guests!


Appetizer buffet and bar, seating closer to the stage so folks could view the action more easily, Fund A Need and Style Show, smaller Silent Auction!


And Rufus volunteered at the Kissing Booth!





We’ve heard favorable comments from a number of folks – thank you to all who attended and to our sponsors!


Fall Benefit


Some shots showing  a few of our community heroes who make a difference in the lives of animals every day.



Hooch and Richfield Fire Chief Wayne Kewtisch!








Mandy and MAAC’s Program and Development Coordinator, Jeanette Weidemier Bauer.  Mandy is in hospice care with a Pet Haven foster family.  After taking her it was determined she has serious heart issues which will shorten her life dramatically.


Mandy and Jeanette W-B


Logan and Leech Lake Legacy’s treasurer, Craig Berdan.



Logan lite


Nibi and her first foster mom, Sandra Olberding, who volunteers for Leech Lake Legacy and Pet Haven!


Nibi hat


More updates to come!