2nd Annual Bark at the Park a Home Run!

2nd Annual Bark at the Park a Home Run!

Duchess at Target Field
Duchess struts her stuff at Target Field

It was a sunny May day when a pup named Duchess found herself surrounded by fans as she strutted onto the Target Field. It was quite a change from her days as a stray, injured by porcupine quills, on the Red Lake Reservation!

Duchess was at Target Field to represent Pet Haven during our second annual Bark at the Park, where a group of Pet Haven supporters watched the Twins beat the Orioles. The event was a fundraiser for Pet Haven, with a portion of each price of a Pet Haven ticket a donation; it was also a great opportunity to get the word out about the important work that Pet Haven does in Minnesota.

That’s where Duchess came in! When Pet Haven was invited on the field as a special guest, Duchess was there to showcase the importance of Pet Haven’s work in companion animal rescue and re-homing. And you can be sure this was a special event–it’s not every day a dog is allowed on Target Field!

Will Mayer, First Vice-President of Pet Haven, was on hand at the event and had this to share:

“Duchess was the perfect ambassador dog for Pet Haven. Before the game she was attracting quite the attention when we were outside of Target Field passing out the tickets and t-shirts. Everyone wanted to see her and pet her, especially the kids. Duchess waited patiently amid all the people while we were waited, and it was almost a shame when we had to leave to go meet the Twins representative at a different gate. We then were led into the stadium and waited for a while before we went into the basement. This included a trip in the elevator, which Duchess did not appreciate as she was shaking and shot off the elevator immediately upon arrival on the new floor.

Duchess Enjoys the Attention
Duchess enjoys the attention at Target Field

As we waited downstairs there were 120 fifth graders from a local elementary school who were there to sign the national anthem. They screamed, shouted, and practiced their singing while we waited for our turn to go onto the field. Duchess just laid there and relaxed amid all of the chaos. When it was our time to go our onto the field Duchess was a perfect lady. She did no business, sought affection from the passersby, and posted beautifully for all pictures. All in all she was an exception representative for Pet Haven!”

Despite all of the great press, Duchess is still up for adoption. You can find out more about this exceptional girl here.

It was an altogether great day at Target Field, and Pet Haven would like to thank the Twins for welcoming us back for the second year. (We’d also like to point out that for the second year the Twins secured a win while Pet Haven was in the house. Perhaps we should be there more often?)

Pet Haven has other fundraising events coming up this summer: please plan to join us for Pints for Paws and the Pet Haven Doggy Dash!