Volunteer Spotlight: Karynn

Volunteer Spotlight: Karynn

Karynn is featured in Pet Haven’s volunteer spotlight because, despite her short tenure with Pet Haven,  she has provided extraordinary care to three foster dogs that are considered “difficult to foster.”

Karynn’s first foster dog was Teddy, a 12 year old terrier mix from a high capacity shelter. She provided Teddy with amazing care, which included a trip to the emergency vet and round-the-clock attention when he wasn’t doing well. Unfortunately, Teddy was a rare case in that he came to us with life-threatening issues that we just weren’t able to cure before his body failed him, and this was hard on everyone involved. However, despite the pain of losing Teddy, weeks later Karynn agreed to house a Pet Haven dog and her 8 puppies for a weekend, as a last minute emergency foster situation. She has most recently agreed to take on a dog who was so “shut down” and scared in the shelter setting that he was at risk of being euthanized, and she is helping him learn to trust humans and see good in the world.

At every turn in her journey with Pet Haven, Karynn has been a willing participant to help out however she can~all in the name of saving dogs’ lives. She does not shy away from more difficult dogs to foster, and this has made a huge (positive) impact on those dogs’ lives. Here’s a little more about Karynn:

PH: What is the name of the people and animals in your home?

K: Myself, Karynn and my two resident dogs, Bailee (the leader) and Saleen (the lover).

PH: Why did you decide to volunteer with Pet Haven?

K: Pet Haven shares the same passions and beliefs that I do and that is what attracted me the most. After I started following Pet Haven on social media, I knew it was the right rescue for me; I felt no dog was left behind regardless of age, temperament, or disability.

PH: What inspires you to volunteer with animals?

K: Everyone needs a voice in our world, and without advocates animals don’t have one. I want to be that voice for each dog I see, whether that be educating others or being a temporary home.

PH: What is your most memorable volunteer experience?

K: I just started volunteering with Pet Haven and haven’t been able to have a ton of experiences yet, but so far my most memorable experience was handing off Teddy to [Executive Director] Kate. Teddy was my first foster; he wasn’t well and Kate and I knew he needed care from a professional. Kate was so supportive during the whole process from multiple phone calls to eventually handing him off to her. Kate and I met for the first time when I dropped Teddy off and I was in tears. She gave me the biggest hug and I knew everything would be okay, Teddy was in good hands. The love, support, and commitment I felt at that moment was surreal. It was heartbreaking to lose my first foster; I was scared to foster again, but I know now, no matter what the situation, I will be supported.

PH: What is your favorite:

Food – anything pasta related

TV show – Law &  Order: SVU

Movie – 50 First Dates

Band – Zac Brown Band

State – Minnesota!