A bad day? Yes, but a good day at week’s end

A bad day? Yes, but a good day at week’s end


Early in the week of Aug. 22 a spay/neuter clinic was being held at Red Lake.  Pet Haven was one of several groups sponsoring it with many volunteers along to help, some from Pet Haven, others from various groups.  There is an early morning rush of dogs and cats coming in with owners; to be altered, treated for injuries or surrendered, there was information to be documented for each animal and it needed to be put in a secure crate. 




People wanting to have their animals altered were turned away each day because so many came. 




While all of this was happening, a woman was getting ready to leave her home to run errands, go to work, see friends.  As she backed out of her drive, she heard her puppy yelp.  The little fellow had been run over.  Whimpering in pain and panting, he was put into the car and hurried to the clinic.  Would they be able to help?


The owner was distraught and crying.   She knew she couldn’t afford to medically help this pup.  She made the decision to surrender him, not knowing what the outcome would be. 


Calls began – to different rescue groups, for people to transport if a group could be found to attempt to save his life.  If his injuries would be too severe, he would have to be euthanized.


Redby was in shock, in pain, subdued.  He was given pain medications and quieted down as volunteers tried to find rescue for him.  By evening his temperature was dropping (one of the signs of shock) and he was covered with blankets for the night.  Pet Haven had agreed to take him if his injuries could be repaired. 

In the morning he was transported to Animal Care Clinic in Bemidji for x rays which showed no spinal or pelvis damage although the femur in both back legs was broken.   As horrible as this sounds, this was good news, as it meant that he should have no long term problems once both rear legs had been surgically repaired with plates and screws and he healed.  A specialist group was contacted in the cities to review x rays and prepare for surgery at one of our partner clinics. 


Next he is on a multi car transport to a vet clinic Pet Haven partners with.  Surgery is scheduled for Aug. 22.




Redby has an incision like this on both back legs.  There is a plate with screws inside that re joins the broken edges of his femur.  For two weeks he is to do no weigh bearing.  At 14# he is fairly easy to lift, take outside and helped to stand to go potty.  Like any puppy he has spurts of energy and playfulness but he cannot struggle to get up.  He’s on pain medication around the clock. 


Here he is in his ‘crate’, snuggled up with some toy buddies to keep him company.  You can see the incision on one of his legs here also.





Redby had a very bad day but by the end of the week, things were looking up.  We’ll be updating you on this pup’s progress as time goes on.

The story of this puppy and other cats and dogs like him have happy endings only because donors step forward to help with extraordinary vet care.  Please give $5.00 or $1,000 or any amount in between, become a monthly supporter of Pet Haven if you are able.  It will go to his care and to the care of other similarly injured pets.  You can go to our website and click on donate or you can write a check and mail it to our mailing address:

Pet Haven Inc. of MN.

PO Box 19105

Minneapolis MN  55419. 


Surgeries similar to this cost anywhere from $400 – $3,000 or more.  Follow up care and additional medication add more charges.

Perhaps you remember Bruno from an earlier blog post? 




He also needed help to be made whole again.  After healing and being neutered he has been adopted with a buddy he met in a foster home at Pet Haven and thanks you for all you do! 


Donors, fosters, vet services, transport coordinators.  We all work together to bring about the best outcome we can for the dog or cat who comes into our care!