A Message from Cynthia Farrell, President, Pet Haven Board of Directors

A Message from Cynthia Farrell, President, Pet Haven Board of Directors

 Pet Haven Volunteers –

My paying job is as the head of HR for my organization, and in that role one of my most important responsibilities is to ensure that we bring in and develop great leaders. A great leader is someone who is of course excellent at their job; just as importantly, if not more so (as most job skills can be taught), a great leader needs to be driven to achieve results, future-focused, collaborative, an example of integrity, and emotionally intelligent.

Great leaders are not always easy to find, and knowing that, I am very aware of just how lucky we have been at Pet Haven to have Kate Mudge as our Executive Director for the past 3 years. Kate exemplifies the best in a leader, and has leveraged her skills to the benefit of Pet Haven. Under her leadership our organization has grown, not only in size, but more importantly in operational strength and strategic direction. Our operations “house” is well-ordered, our volunteers have experienced tremendous growth in numbers and engagement, awareness of our organization has continued to expand through strong partnerships and meaningful events, and we are helping more and more dogs and cats find forever homes with adopters who are well-prepared for the lifetime commitment. While the time and support of our volunteers is absolutely necessary to these achievements, the efforts would not have gotten as far as they did, if off the ground at all, without Kate’s leadership.

With all this said, it’s with truly mixed emotions that I announce that Kate has resigned her position as Executive Director. I say “with mixed emotions” because I and the Board are terribly sad to see her go, but understand that it is the right time for her to explore new paths, and completely support her in that journey. I also believe that change, while challenging, can be very good for an organization: a new leader can bring new ideas and perspectives, which can jump start a new era of strategic growth.

Kate has offered a transition period for Pet Haven, and will stay on as Executive Director until early August. During the next few months we will search for a new Executive Director, a search that will involve the input of Kate, the Board, Ashley, and key volunteers. Once we have that person hired, Kate has offered to help with their transition into their role. Kate also is committed to remaining part of the Pet Haven family through volunteering.

In addition to the news about Kate, I want to take this opportunity to let you know that at our Board and Annual Meeting on June 10 I am stepping down as President of the Board for Pet Haven after three years in the role. I also will relinquish my Board seat, although I will stay on as an ex officio board member, and have offered to lead the Executive Director search. We have a solid transition plan in place, which you’ll hear more about after our meeting.

The next few months will bring a lot of change, and with that probably some uncertainty–that’s been my experience with organizational change. Please bear with us as we navigate through this transition, reach out to any board member or Kate at any time with any questions, and know that we all are 100% committed towards maintaining as much continuity as possible in our operations and strategic growth. We won’t be able to do that without each of you, our amazing volunteers.
Thank you for all that you do for Pet Haven and our community.

Warmest regards –