A new life, new friends, a family –

A new life, new friends, a family –

Water was known as ‘Big Joe’ when he came to Pet Haven.  Now he has a family, a couple of humans who love him very much, a buddy, Earl, he can play with and even a foster sister.  Pretty good for a fellow who had no home just a few months ago.


Family portrait!





Walter and his brother!









Hot dog!  Cool floor!









Here’s a report from his family:
I just wanted to send you both a quick update on Big Joe now named Walter.  He is doing great here at his new home in Minneapolis.  He’s enjoying his daily walks to the park, snuggling on the couch, lounging outside in the yard and wrestling with his new brother and foster sister.  He is such a great dog and we love him so much already.  He had his first trip to the vet yesterday and we made it a group outing (all dogs came) so he wouldn’t feel lonely.  He was a champ at letting the doc check him from head to toe and he was an instant hit with everyone there.  People were so excited to meet him and give him a big ol’ hug!  He’s also met all the neighbors and they’ve welcomed him to the neighborhood with open arms.  We are planning a trip to our cabin in August and we can’t wait to introduce him to Lake Superior.  

I will try to keep everyone up to date with everything that’s going on but if you feel I’m slacking or it’s been a bit too long, please feel free to let me know and I’ll send an updated email asap.  Again, thank you to everyone who brought Walter to us.  He is such a great dog and we can’t imagine our family without him.

Sarah, Kristin, Earl and Walter


Good boy, Walter, you hit the jackpot –