Kate Mudge

Executive Director

Kate Mudge joined Pet Haven as Executive Director in 2015, bringing experience from the nonprofit sector combined with a lifelong passion for social causes and animal welfare. Her background includes program development in hunger relief, production support in public radio documentary, and operations management for an environmental organization. Prior to working with nonprofits, Kate could be found covered in flour at various bakeries throughout the Twin Cities, where she honed her skills as a professional pastry chef. Kate is thrilled to be working with a fantastic group of volunteers who never fail to amaze her on a daily basis with their energy and dedication. She shares her home with a very patient partner, Amy, who doesn’t mind the three mutts and one fat tomcat sleeping on the pillows.

Ashley Marks

Operations Manager

Ashley Marks is Pet Haven’s Operations Manager. Her role focuses on supporting all of the volunteers in the dog and cat divisions. Ashley joined the Pet Haven team in 2017 as a special events volunteer. She has also opened her home to foster dogs and helped with foster outreach. Ashley’s background includes event services, operations management, and organizational development. Ashley has had a life-long passion for animals- she likes to say it’s in her genes. Many of her family members are those crazy animal people. Her other interests include going to concerts, fishing, and being creative. Ashley shares her home with her partner, Brian, and two Chihuahuas named Frank & Beans.

Cynthia Farrell

President: Board of Directors

Cynthia Farrell first volunteered with Pet Haven in 2007. She was elected to the Board in 2011, and is currently the Board President. Cynthia is passionate about companion animal welfare and health, volunteering time, and donating funds to multiple organizations focused on animal rehoming and animal science/health. She is inspired by the compassionate and supportive adoption experience Pet Haven provides to adopters, as well as by the organization’s commitment to providing low-cost spay/neuter across the state of Minnesota. Cynthia’s professional background is in talent development, with a career spanning a variety of industries including high tech, financial services, health care, and consumer packaged goods. She is currently employed as the Sr. Director of Enterprise Learning for a Minnesota-based food company. Cynthia lives in South Minneapolis with her husband Chris and their two dogs, who are both rescues: Andy, an Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler), and Ronan, a 100% mutt who has been given his own breed of “Black-Tongued Korean Spaniel.”

Will Mayer

Vice President: Board of Directors

Will joined the Board in 2012. His roles have included Assistant Treasurer and Vice President; he currently serves as Treasurer. Will spearheaded the implementation of the Doggy Dash and Pints for Paws summer events. Will’s day job is as a Senior Indirect Tax Accountant at Thomson Reuters in Eagan. He and his wife Laura, whom he graduated alongside at the University of St Thomas, live in Eagan with their 7-year old Springer Spaniel, Brady. Brady was the catalyst for Will’s involvement in the animal rescue community. Will’s other hobbies include attending as many concerts as possible at the amazing venues in Minneapolis, golfing, running, softball, kickball, and of course taking Brady to the dog park!

Sally Morton

Secretary: Board of Directors

Sally Morton has volunteered her time and energy to human rights, social service, and animal welfare organizations for over 40 years. Sally began volunteering for Pet Haven in the mid-1990s as a foster; since then she has volunteered in a variety of roles. Sally was elected to the Pet Haven Board of Directors in 2004, and is currently the Board Secretary. Sally volunteers with Pet Haven because she supports the organization’s focus on the prevention of companion animal suffering by addressing the overpopulation problem with spay/neuter efforts, and is passionate about the many ways Pet Haven works to advance the value of companion animals in our society. Professionally, Sally is employed in local government as an IT Manager. She and her husband Erich, who is also a Pet Haven volunteer, live in Bloomington, MN and share their home with a poodle, a yorkie, and a small terrier mix, all adopted from Pet Haven.

Mary Ann Cameron

Cat Div. Director: Board of Directors

Mary Ann came to Pet Haven in the 1990s as a foster and soon began coordinating and scheduling adoption events. She has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2004, and currently serves as the Board Vice-President. While raising 3 children, she supported early childhood education by volunteering in committees and leading projects which support both children and newborns in the United States and abroad. Mary Ann believes that Pet Haven has provided her the opportunity to do work she loves- working to adopt so many homeless pets while providing spay and neuter to those in need. Her husband affectionately refers to their home as “The Cameron Cat House”, although the occasional grand-dog still comes to visit.

Jenny Jurek

Dog Div. Director: Board of Directors

Jenny Jurek joined the Pet Haven Board of Directors in 2013. Jenny has been involved in animal rescue and volunteering as long as she can remember and began volunteering actively in Minnesota dog rescue in 2005. After joining Pet Haven as a volunteer in 2008, she held various coordinator positions before becoming Co-Director of the Dog Division in 2011 and Director of the Dog Division in 2012. Jenny is passionate about responsible animal rescue and care, and believes strongly in the human/animal bond as well as working human/animal partnerships. She does therapy work with her TDI-certified dog, Riley. Jenny has a background and degrees in business, music, and history. Professionally, she is a Senior Account Manager for an IT Managed Services company. Jenny shares her home with 3 adopted dogs, constant foster dogs, and her sidekick, Dan.

Dr. Cindy Guss

Board of Directors

Dr. Cindy Guss, DVM, joined the Pet Haven Board of Directors in 2015. Cindy is a practicing small animal veterinarian; prior to entering veterinary practice, Cindy spent fifteen years in nonprofit hunger relief. Cindy brings a unique perspective to the intersection of social services and animal care, and feels passionate about enabling stronger human/animal bonds. In her time outside of her practice, Cindy can be found sharing her home with an animal-loving husband, two strong willed dogs, and an undisclosed number of feline friends.

Laura Briggs

Board of Directors

Laura Briggs started volunteering with Pet Haven in 2009. Since then, she’s opened her home to foster cats, served on the spay/neuter grant committee, served as an adoption coordinator and was elected to the board in 2015. Pet Haven’s spay/neuter initiatives is what makes Laura proud to be a part of the organization. She is passionate about working towards fixing the root of the cause. By day, Laura works in finance at a software development company in the Twin Cities. The best part about her job? She can bring her Pet Haven alumni: Sophie, a Bullmastiff and Agatha, an English Mastiff, to work with her! Her rescue cat has to stay home though.

Kat Ricker

Board of Directors

Kat Ricker joined the Pet Haven Board of Directors in 2017. Her role is focused on providing strategic direction and growth for Pet Haven’s special events. Kat’s background includes working with non-profits and associations by developing their strategy and deliverables for professional development through events and programs. She has spent three years working with Boards on how to best delivery programs for their membership. She comes from a background in studio art and has enjoyed painting anything from abstract to people’s pets. Any free time Kat has she has tried to dedicate to volunteering with animals. She has worked with other non-profit rescues around the cities, but is very excited for the next chapter with Pet Haven. On the weekend, Kat enjoys biking all the wonderful trails around the cities and hanging out with her black cat, Loki.

Sally Kenny

Board of Directors

Sally Kenny joined the Pet Haven Board of Directors in 2017. Her role as Development Strategist is focused on developing the fundraising strategy and diversifying Pet Haven’s revenue streams.  Sally’s background includes managing and consulting for private and publicly listed corporate organizations including extensive experience in veterinary services. A Minnesota native, Sally moved to Florida after completing her undergrad to lead a direct marketing company and then spent seven years in Ireland leading marketing teams in the software industry. She then relocated to Australia where she was the head of marketing for Australia’s largest publicly listed vet group.  She has since returned home is the President of Hustle Marketing (www.hustle-marketing.com), a full-service marketing agency that specializes in finding and keeping clients for the veterinary and allied health industries. Sally has an MBA from JCU in Queensland, Australia and a BA in Business Communications from The College of St Scholastica in Duluth, MN.  Sally lives in northwest Minneapolis with her husband David, their two children Lauren and Kieran and their English Cocker Spaniel, Buddy who has accompanied his parents on their international travels and may be the most well-traveled dog in the world.

Meagan Deutz

Shelter Intake Coordinator

Meagan Deutz joined Pet Haven in 2011 serves as a Canine Intake Coordinator. She also helps manage our social media and is a dog foster.  Her favorite thing about companion animal advocacy work is rehabilitating severely undersocialized dogs; “seeing them transform from a wallflower into a happy and healthy dog is the most rewarding feeling imaginable”. Meagan enjoys all of the relationships she has built through her volunteer work, whether it be with adopters or fellow volunteers. “They’re my extended family.” She currently resides with her husband, Parker, their 12 year old Australian Shepherd, Ryker, and Pet Haven alumni German Shepherd mix puppy, Otis. Outside of her Pet Haven volunteer work Meagan is a Senior Marketing Analyst for a local retailer, and can be found on softball fields around the Twin Cities.

Maren Dahle-Koch

Dog Adoption Coordinator

Maren joined Pet Haven in 2015 and has had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and help change the lives of animals! She chose to volunteer with Pet Haven because of the family-feel of the volunteers, Pet Haven’s commitment to spay/neuter initiatives, , and loves the opportunities  to help within the organization and community.

Maren’s fondest and most influential memory with Pet Haven is from when she traveled  to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue to volunteer at the spay/neuter/wellness clinics. The experiences she had were unrivaled; seeing that the support and assistance was truly making a difference in the lives of the animals and the owners.

When Maren is  not at Pet Haven she enjoys spending time with her Pet Haven rescue, Chalupa, adventuring the outdoors, watching football, and being with family, friends and (of course) animals.

Taylor Witort

Cat Adoption Coordinator

Taylor joined Pet Haven as the Cat Adoption Coordinator in 2017. Pet Haven has been the perfect outlet for her Crazy Cat Lady tendencies and loves that Pet Haven connects her to other people who share her passions for saving lives and cuddling kittens. Recently, Taylor adopted two snuggle bug Tabby brothers through Pet Haven, Pickles and Ollie! Outside of Pet Haven, Taylor works in advertising administration in downtown Minneapolis and loves anything involving pizza, warm weather, and iced coffee.

Amber Portillo

Vet Coordinator

Amber is a veterinary technician specialized in animal behavior and shelter medicine. She has vast experience in record management, client management, high volume spay/neuter, and veterinary clinic management. From a very young age, she showed a wondrous passion for animals, hand raising her neonatal chihuahua at the age of 13. For the past 4 years, she has fostered over 40 animals, ranging from bottle baby kittens to hospice cases. In her free time, she volunteers with reservations in northern Minnesota, works in low-cost spay and neuter for a nonprofit in northern Minnesota, and enjoys exploring Minneapolis with her chihuahua and bichon frise. Someday she hopes to leash train her blind cat.

Kristi McMahon

Volunteer Coordinator

Kristi McMahon joined Pet Haven as the Volunteer Coordinator in February 2018.  She remembers awkwardly loving on other people’s animals but truly fell in love with her German Shepard puppy growing up named Candy. Two years ago, Kristi adopted her mischievous cat, Odin. He enjoys taking walks in the summer and stalking his cat roommate, Oscar. Animals have always been a passion and she believes that every human should have a furry best friend.

Kristi has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Minnesota School of Business. Monday through Friday she wears many hats as an Office Manager at Strata Furniture. She has a strong devotion to traveling the world and meeting new people.  

Leslie Bardon

Records Coordinator - Dog Division

My boyfriend and I started with Pet Haven in 2007.   We were tossing around the idea of a second dog to add to our home for our current dog Butch (a Rat Terrier). We figured “why not foster… we wouldn’t have the expense of another dog- PERFECT!” And we loved it! Eventually Miss Bella entered our home and she didn’t want to leave after 2 1/2 yrs with us, although we tried our hardest! She chose our home permanently in June of 2012. I have done many jobs with Pet Haven and am currently the Records Coordinator. Someday we will be back to fostering because we miss it so!!!

Paige Burchstead

Social Events Coordinator

Paige found Pet Haven in October 2015 and was thrilled to find a volunteer position open that combined two of her passions: organizing and animals. As the Social Event Coordinator, Paige plans Pet Haven’s fundraisers and special events, including Pints for Paws and Doggy Dash. She uses her background in public relations and communications to coordinate volunteers, sponsorships, and logistics to drive attendance and raise money for Pet Haven’s programs.

Paige and her boyfriend, Nate, reside in Minneapolis and are planning on adopting a puppy this summer. Outside of Pet Haven, she works in tourism marketing and enjoys sports, traveling and supporting various political causes.

Michelle Langmo

Dog Foster Coordinator

Since I was small, I was always the kid paying more attention to the dogs/cats than I was to the people that were at a family gathering. Fast forward a few years… After I successfully launched my daughter into adulthood, I decided I needed to find my passion and start volunteering for a cause that is close to my heart. That’s when it clicked! I took my sincere love of animals and incorporated that into my volunteering. My daughter mentioned the Foster Coordinator position to me as she thought it sounded perfect for me!  And she was right! I now have an important role in bringing in new fosters to Pet Haven, which warms my heart and helps save countless doggies! I’m blessed to be part of Pet Haven as the Foster Coordinator.

I make my home in St. Paul with my dog Scooter, an 11-year old crabby rat terrier chihuahua that I love dearly!

Hannah Schewe

Training and Behavior Coordinator

Hannah serves as Pet Haven’s Behavior and Training Coordinator, which means she supports fosters by providing helpful (essential) information on common dog behaviors so they are better equipped to raise happy, well-adjusted foster dogs for adoption!

Hannah began learning about dog behavior on her own about 3 years ago. In September she adopted Cassi, a pit mix, and became more involved in the training community. Currently, she’s working towards becoming an assistant dog trainer at Twin Cities training and Obedience Club and Cassi is working towards her Canine Good Citizen certification and Tracking Dog title.
Hannah has a special interest in dogs who display separation anxiety and resource guarding, as these are some of the issues most commonly present in rescue dogs. Yet she is also a great resource for those with questions on training, exercising, or other behavioral ‘quirks’.
In non-dog news, she also fosters cats and works in data science at a healthcare venture research firm.

Marlene Hunkins

Foster Coordinator - Cat Division

Joining Pet Haven as a cat foster in 2015, then working toward semi-retirement after years of owning an antique store, I’ve come to realize that having more time to devote to volunteering for animal welfare is one of the things that will make my ‘silver years’ most rewarding.

It was wonderful having foster cats in the house, and eventually one stole my husband’s heart too, so guess what….. we adopted her.  Her “imperfections” from having a rough start in life are now the things we love most about her!

Pet Haven’s growing cat division gave me the opportunity to become the Cat Foster Coordinator in January of 2017 and learning a new “job” has been great.

I also enjoy travel, many creative projects, theater & live music (especially Elvis impersonators!) and avoiding housework at all costs.

Life in SW Minneapolis with husband Paul, niece Marin and resident cats Nina & Belle, is busy and never dull which is how I like it!

Sarah Hoops

Dog Foster Mentor

Sarah Hoops’ passion for improving lives, including her own, lead her to Pet Haven in 2014. One week after losing Pet Haven-alum black lab, Suzy, Sarah knew her quiet home was ready to make a difference for other dogs. She began fostering and quickly evolved into one of our Foster Mentors. As an account executive, Sarah loves the empathetic approach to helping identify a good-fit – whether it’s the best technology solution in her career or the perfect fit for a dog’s furever home (and the foster). Sarah understands that supporting and encouraging the community is equally as important as caring for the rescued dogs. Sarah is able to enjoy it all with her crew helping out; husband Todd and son Ryder, as well as two social mutts, Andi and Willie.

Dan Conybeare

Dog Foster Mentor

Dan Conybeare started rescuing dogs in 2012 while living in Chicago. He joined Pet Haven in 2014 after moving to Saint Paul and became a Dog Foster Mentor in 2018. He is eager to help our dog fosters through the adoption process, from start to finish. He has fostered over 30 dogs, ranging from teeny-tiny Teacup Chihuahuas to hulking lab mixes—although he is best known for his love of Chihuahua-Terrier mixes. He has one of his own, Becca, a senior Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix, and their favorite places to hang out are Arlington-Arkwright and Battle Creek Dog Parks. Dan understands the variety of challenges that can arise while fostering and how to overcome them. He also knows that fostering is one of the most rewarding experiences you can possibly have. He loves watching foster dogs blossom over weeks and months, nothing makes him happier than seeing a Facebook feed full of happy ex-foster dogs in their loving forever homes.

Krysten Plautz

Supplies Coordinator

Krysten Plautz started volunteering with Pet Haven as a supplies team volunteer. She enjoys learning, process streamlining and helping with animal welfare causes. She is very excited to bring these passions together as Pet Haven’s Supplies Coordinator. In her professional life, she is currently an Operational Excellence Manager at a medical device company. In her personal life, she has two very active children (Xander and Corin), a rescue dog (Nuke-German Shepherd mix), two rescue cats (Lulu and Gracie) and two rescue hamsters (Maui and Moana) that keep her busy!

Ryan Harjula

Dog Meet and Greet Coordinator

Ryan began volunteering with Pet Haven in January 2017. Ryan handles the planning and organizing of all adoption events within the dog division, as well as acting as the point of contact for local businesses and organizations interested in partnering with Pet Haven for an adoption event. What he enjoys most about volunteering with Pet Haven is all of the wonderful people he works with. He loves the positivity and determination that other volunteers exhibit with the dogs and cats in their care. In his professional life, Ryan works in marketing and holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from the University of St. Thomas.

Steph Scott

Cat Meet and Greet Coordinator

Stephanie Scott began volunteering for Pet Haven in late 2017. She is known for wearing mostly neutral colors and having eyes much bigger than her stomach. She is the doting mentor/best friend/life coach to one moody cat named Chuck Bartholomew Bass and yes, she will talk to you about him if ya wanna know. When she isn’t listening to podcasts about true crime or Gilmore Girls, she’s laughing at her own jokes while knitting/crocheting/crafting frivolous tchotchkes.

Heather Hall

Cat Owner Surrender/Return Coordinator

Heather Hall joined Pet Haven in 2018 as the Cat Owner Surrender/Return Coordinator.  Heather and her husband adopted a kitten in August from the Humane Society and after Wendy’s adoption, Heather knew volunteering with animals was something to pursue because every cat deserves a loving forever home. Heather has a degree and worked in the field of Social Work which has given her the skills of advocacy and enhanced her level of compassion and empathy.

Arielle Mathre

Dog Owner Surrender/Return Coordinator

Arielle began volunteering with Pet Haven in summer of 2017. As the Dog Owner Surrender Coordinator, Arielle works with individuals and families who have made the tough decision to surrender their dog.  She has a day job as a social worker and finds the skills she uses in that job also help her as the OS Coordinator. She loves volunteering because it allows her to meet and pet so many different kinds of dogs…as well as meet a lot of great people who are passionate about saving animals. She has one good rescue pupper named Leon Kennedy.  When she isn’t working, she’s probably at the dog park with Leon, volunteering at a political event, or re-watching The Office for the fiftieth time.