Adoptable soon!

Adoptable soon!

Both the dog and the cat division are bringing in some new companion animals.

Gretel and Damsel are sisters and Gretel has already been adopted!

Gretel is pictured here – they are short legged ladies with the coloring of a german shepherd and very cute.



Damsel is pictured here.  She’s a little shy but is learning that life in the city with lots of new experiences can be fun!  They were part of an unwanted litter and may be part beagle or corgi.  She is crate trained and loving life inside with her foster family.  When you’re a little bit shy it is nice to have a good friend to lean on.





Max, an orange fellow, and Kodiak, a flame point siamese cross, will be arriving toward the end of the week.




They are last summer’s kittens, so, about 9 months old.  Max is very social and loves to get Kodiak to groom him!  Kodiak is a good natured fellow and ‘mothers’ the kittens and his buddy Max.