Homer is Home for the Holidays!

Homer is Home for the Holidays!



Oh Homer. You came into our home a little shy but mostly unscathed from whatever your life was before you entered our lives. And in the weeks following your arrival, your true terrier nature came out. You run outside when I try to feed you, you can get onto the kitchen counter and chew up a wooden spoon, you “bow wow wow” at us when we come home or when it’s feeding time… you are a mischievous little dude!

Nonetheless, as with every other foster that has come and gone through out household, you deserved a family of your very own. I knew despite your sweet exterior that you could be hard to place. Because of your… shall we say “playful attitude”, I knew you would have to go into a special home that didn’t mine your quirks.

Which is why your foster dad and I are so happy you’ve ended up in a home with a mom and dad who will simply love you for you. I know you’re going to enjoy the one on one relationship of not having to share your humans with any other fur siblings. And I know your new mom understands that you might get into trouble at times but it’s only because of your terrier nature, and she won’t hold that against you.

I hope you will thrive in your new home. I hope you’ll continue to come out of your shell and that one day you won’t back away from new people or places. I know the world can be big and scary, but you are so lucky to have found a family to love you and take care of you. I know you’re going to be safe and happy from now on.

Enjoy your new beginning Homer. I hope your life is filled with fun, cuddles, toys, and so much love.

Love, Your Foster Mom