Aggie is a mystery. What happened to her?

Aggie is a mystery. What happened to her?

Aggie is a mystery.


Sometimes we wish we knew the stories behind the cats and dogs who come to us but only rarely do we get a glimpse into their former lives.


Aggie is a girl of ‘an uncertain’ age – she wouldn’t have any problem with joining the seniors in a kitty high rise or belonging to a Red (tabby) Hat group! But, she’s not telling and why should she?


The age estimate from the vet is that she is an OLD cat! Her eyes are cloudy, her hearing is poor, but her blood work came back in the normal range, so she has time left on the meter. Way to go, Aggie!



She will be having dental surgery to remove some teeth because she came with a broken lower front jaw. Out on the street with this painful injury, she had no vet care, pain meds or soft food to make it easier to eat or for it to heal correctly.   As a result, her teeth don’t line up correctly so her teeth poke sharply into her gums top and bottom. Surgery will eliminate this painful situation and make eating easier on our girl.


Aggie has been outside for some time. Was she lost? Was she abandoned? We’ll never know.   At her age and with her infirmities it was next to impossible for her to catch mice or birds to eat. Her coat is very thin and dry and was full of matts and burs. She enjoys being brushed and combed and will re-grow some hair and have a ‘fluffy tail’ in the future. Good nutrition will also give her a silky shine in the months to come.  A soft bed and catnip strawberries make her act like a silly girl, many years younger!




Aggie came to impound because someone took pity on her condition and brought her in. She was deemed unadoptable there and a plea went out to rescue groups who might take her.


One of Pet Haven’s long time fosters makes room in her heart for older cats and had recently lost one to kidney disease. She was ready for a special intake like Aggie. So the timing was just right!  

Aggie will spend her remaining years in comfort and with love. Whatever her earlier experiences, she made her way to a happy ending.  She’s had her offending teeth removed and now has some difficulty keeping her tongue in her mouth!  She even drools a little but her pain is gone.




Rescue is hard work – our animals do not always come to us healthy and ready to go. We don’t always have room for everyone who needs help. We are saddened at their condition and previous treatment. We are full of grief when one dies despite all we do and how hard we work.   So, we celebrate the good stories – like Aggie’s rescue.


Even if you don’t have room in your home to rescue a pet right now, there are ways you can help.

  • Help your neighbors find a place for their pet if they can no longer care for it.


  • Help your neighbors find a low cost place to spay and neuter their pet.   Overpopulation is a BIG part of this problem.


  • Encourage friends to adopt a rescued animal.


  • Pet Haven needs volunteers to help with events, special projects, transportation, volunteer training and recruitment, newsletters, photography and more. Let us know your talents and we’ll find a place for you to make a difference!


  •  Donate.  Every little bit helps. Or maybe you could hold a garage or craft sale with proceeds going to Pet Haven’s rescue efforts.


  • Spread the word. Share our posts on your social media. For the homeless cats and dogs of all ages, you can make a difference – one rescue at a time.


This is my favorite picture of Aggie! What do you think she is saying?




I vote for SPAY and NEUTER!