Amy and Alex- Volunteer Spotlight

Amy and Alex- Volunteer Spotlight

Amy and Alex have fostered canines for years prior to coming to Pet Haven, but have saved lives with us for almost a year now. We wanted to feature them because they are truly an unbelievable foster duo. They don’t just welcome a dog into their home; they work with the dog to understand what a family setting is, and the expectations of the dog. Their endless efforts to boost the dog’s confidence via daily positive reinforcement training at home is not only a beautiful thing to watch, but it’s also necessary to the dog’s health moving forward, since Amy and Alex tend to take in dogs who need a little work before being adoption-ready. ​

Here’s a little more about Amy and Alex:

PH: What is the name of the people and animals in your home?

A&A: Alex and Amy and the best-ever pitbull-foster-host-furbrother, Abe!

PH: Why did you decide to volunteer with Pet Haven?

A&A: We fostered dogs back in Michigan (where we ‘foster-failed’ with our dog, Abe). Once we bought a house in MN we starting thinking about getting another dog but decided to foster again instead. After looking into different rescues in the area, Pet Haven seemed to be the best match. And is it ever! I love Pet Haven. I can’t say enough great things about how it is run and how well the volunteers are treated!

PH: What inspires you to volunteer with animals?

A&A: We just love dogs. We’d love to own them all but realized having one dog is best for our lifestyle. We really have a soft spot for the ‘bully breeds’. They are often misunderstood and the last to leave shelters. We really enjoy the transformation that takes place when you remove a dog from a shelter and give them an opportunity to show their best self. They just thrive and each time we fall in love with the wonderful pet they’ve become.

PH: What is your most memorable volunteer experience?

Amy: Oh man, so many! We’ve had quite a few characters since fostering with Pet Haven. But by far my favorite memory is the day I brought Eddie (Anthony) home from the shelter. He seriously went from shut down dog in a crate to remembering what dog-life was all about running around the yard. His transformation was one I’ll never forget. The first time I called his name and he willingly came to me for affection was just the sweetest moment ever!

Alex: Well, it was a dark night when we went to pick up Gilda. She came out of the transport van relatively calmly and I thought, “This will be a nice experience.” The next day when I got home from work and came into the house there was this ball-of-energy-dog zooming back and forth and peeing on the ground! She would just jump on and off the furniture like it was a half-pipe! That’s when I realized I needed to do a LOT more to drain that dogs’ energy!

PH: What is your favorite….

Animal? – Dog, of course! Just kidding… polar bears (Alex) / Red Pandas (Amy)

Food?– Mmmm Pizza (Alex) / Fish Tacos! (Amy)

TV show?– The Mentalist (Alex) / The Office (Amy)

Movie?– Shrek (Alex) / Emma (the BBC version) (Amy)

Band?– the Newsboys (Alex) / I have no idea… (Amy)

State?– Hawaii (Alex) / Hawaii is where it’s at! (Amy)

We also want to provide a special shout out to Amy and Alex for taking in a dog who was one day from euthanasia due to mental deterioration in the shelter, even though they are expecting a baby in 3 months! We are so excited to expand our Pet Haven family by 10 little fingers and 10 little toes, shortly!