An adoptable dog and kittens

An adoptable dog and kittens

Bandit is believed to be a mix of chihuahua and Japenese Chin.  He has quite the ‘big-eyed’ look, trying to  entice you for a walk (surely you didn’t plan to leave home without his morning walk?) or for a treat. 




He came to Pet Haven seriously overweight and has been working on a weight loss program since then.  Cucumbers and the occasional small slice of banana are favorite treats!

He’s learned to sit and shake and stay and loves his many toys with his favorites being Batman and Robin.  Sitting on the back of the couch so he can see what’s happening in the neighborhood is a favorite place to perch and he is always close by even though he is not a lap fellow. 



Meeting new people has been scarey but he is realizing that new people can be very nice although he’d prefer to meet you in a quiet setting.  He gets along well with the resident cats and plays well with a new dog once he becomes familiar with it.  He also serenades in Chihuahua howls when he doesn’t expect you to leave and you have to!

He does best on low fiber foods and has luxating back leg patellas so short walks and very limited stairs are a necessity for him.  He probably has some allergy issues too and, like many dogs, has ear infections that can go along with those allergies.


Despite being a bit of a curmudgeon, Bandit has many endearing qualities and comic ways that will make him a much loved fellow for many years to come.


Moving from a laid-back fellow to a couple of guys with lots of energy!


Chickory and Juniper are brothers.  They LOVE to play, in fact we hear their application to the ‘home-wreckers’ union is on file and they are waiting to hear if they will be accepted.  Jumping up on tables and desks and scattering papers, books and pencils are some of their star qualities.

They do not have to be adopted together but each needs to have another active cat or kitten to play with to wear off some of that boundless energy.

Chickory is more the ‘lover’ and enjoys being carried around and snuggled more.  Chasing and capturing toys and then growling to scare off another cat is part of a day’s fun.

He’s going to be at least a medium haired buff boy, maybe long haired.




Juniper is the short-haired brother with handsome gold eyes to go with his coloring.




Both boys are affectionate and like people attention, stopping to visit you often as they chase around the house.  Both are still at that chew-on-everything kitten phase and need to be pet briefly and then put down before they chew on arms or hands.