Annabelle at home!

Annabelle at home!

This cute little girl was named Quinta when she was with Pet Haven and now has a new home, a new name AND enjoys life to the fullest in her new family!





Here’s what her mom has to say about her:
My name is Allison Corn and in January of this year I adopted Annabelle (Quinta). I wanted to email you to let you see my little cutie pie as she is growing up! Annabelle has honestly changed my life. Everyone that sees her pictures or meets her instantly falls in love with her. She is like my little girl and best companion! She has completed puppy and intermediate dog training classes at Petsmart and is scheduled to do advanced in the fall. She also just wrapped up 6 classes of trick training (Annabelle LOVES to do tricks and agility!). Thank you so much for allowing her to be in my life! Hope you guys are having a great summer!


PS my vet thinks she is a chihuahua/ terrier mix, most likely rat terrier!