Another adoptable cat and dog

Another adoptable cat and dog

Here comes Sunny.


Sunny pink


If you are unable to take a break to warmer climates that actually have ‘sun’ in the winter months, perhaps you should consider adding a permanent spot of Sun(ny) to your life!

Sunny is a bull terrier mix, we believe – you know, like the “Tarjaay” dog, Spot?

This energetic young lady, about 2 years of age, loves to play and go for walks.  Running?  Well, not so much – she prefers to protect her joints from all of that hard pounding on pavement.   She does have a lot of energy to work out so a trip to doggy-day care  once or twice a week when you are at work is right up her idea of FUN.

She gets along well with another dog and loves her toys.  What kind do you have at your house?  She and her foster will tell you about her favorites and you can probably find some new favorites for her too.

Riding in the car is great fun and cuddles are too.  She sleeps in her kennel near her foster’s bed and likes to take the occasional nap there too.

Sunny enjoys meeting new people and an obedience class would help the two of you bond more quickly.  What comes after that?  Agility?  She hasn’t been tried there but has good focus  and loves to please + all that energy?  It sounds like a good combination.





Trinity, the cat, is another ray of sunshine.  She’s a very spunky lady who came to Pet Haven after she was bitten by a dog and she had to have a leg amputated.  She’s adapting very well and can jump up onto the chairs, sofa and bed with no problems.  Some tables are harder if she doesn’t ‘spring’ high enough and she might slip off.

She’s a girl with lots of spirit and playfulness, loves her toys, follows her foster mom around the house at every opportunity and thinks the cat tree is a perfect spot.  It has toys that dangle and she slides and skids around on the floor after others  also, grabbing them often in her front paws as if they were hands.

She sleeps in her cat bed on a table right next to her foster’s bed and comes for a nightly snuggle on her chest.  It’s  also an opportunity to see if she can intimidate the resident dog to get off the bed!




Trinity eats canned food mainly, with water stirred into  it, and gets a little kibble daily too.  She also knows where the treat jar is kept has has been known to try to turn it into a self-serve buffet.  She’s a very pretty lady with a longer coat that you will need to help brush and comb.  She has light blue eyes and is a pointed cat (her ears, face, legs) are darker than the rest of her cream/fawn coat.