Bailey and her tennis balls

Bailey and her tennis balls

First, and most important of all, Bailey has led a very healthy life.  Her ears that hang down with heavy covering of fur have made her susceptible to ear infections.  Over the years she has had several incidents of infections, but they were all easily cleared up with some drops.  Other than that she gets a clean bill of health at her annual vet visits, and our vet thinks we can easily expect a fifteen year life expectancy for Bailey.

For the first 6 years I walked Bailey twice around Lake Nokomis (about 5 miles) virtually every day I was in town.  We probably averaged 300 days per year walking with our two other dogs, both rescue dogs.  For the past year of so Bailey has slowed down, and while she occasionally still joins me and our younger dog for a 3.5 mile walk, she prefers to walk with my wife at a slower pace for a one-half to one mile walk and sniff.

The one area in which Bailey has still not slowed down is her love of fetching her tennis balls.  She will chase after them endlessly.  Also, for a 13-year-old dog Bailey has an incredible love for toys, especially plush toys with squeakers in them.  She has a toy box in our family room with about 50-60 toys and balls in it as well as a bucket of balls right next to our back door.   Whenever Ginny goes to the store and comes home carrying bags, especially the plastic ones, Bailey digs through each bag looking to see if she got a new toy.  She almost immediately works at ripping the squeakers and stuffing out, so we have lots of very thin plush toys.

Bailey still looks almost the same as the day we adopted her.  She is up to about 52 pounds and the white spot on her chin is a bit bigger.  She also has about 6 white eye lashes over her right eye.

Bailey is absolutely the friendliest dog we have ever had.  When we had contractors out doing some tile work in our porch and kitchen Bailey would greet them every day and bring her ball over for the men to toss for her.  If they did not throw it often enough Bailey would drop it in their tool boxes and stand there wagging her tail until she got their attention.

Our general contractor had lost his dog and had gone two years without replacing him.  Bailey greeted him every time he came over with her ball and proceeded to crawl up into his lap.  Bob became so attached to Bailey that he would find excuses to come over and “check on progress” every three to four days.  It was easy to see that he was checking on Bailey every three to four days.

Now that Bailey has slowed down a bit she really enjoys lying upside down on the couch next to Ginny.  They can spend hours at a time just hanging out together.

While I can honestly say that we have given Bailey a good home, she has given us far more happiness than we have given her.  She has been just a wonderful gift in our life.  The joy has been so great that we have donated to Pet Haven every year since Bailey has come into our lives.  She has been truly special.