BIG dog? SMALL dog?

BIG dog? SMALL dog?

Some of the dogs, and cats, who come to Pet Haven have had a difficult life before we found them.  Lack of nutrition, playtime, petting, admiring, veterinary care – the list goes on.

The rewards are huge when you adopt one of these pets  – you’ll have a companion  who will change before your eyes – becoming more comfortable, enjoying life more, gaining confidence as they begin to appreciate how much you want them in your life.

Sometimes we don’t think that owners understand how much their dog or cat loves to be talked to.   What animal doesn’t want to be told they are; cute, a good dog/cat, pretty, quirky, loved, silly or simply adored by the tone of your voice.


Bonnie came to us as a shy little gal with a lack of socialization and she’s made great strides.  She’d love to have another smaller dog to be friends with who will help her gain  confidence and she loves cats too!  She’s been more comfortable with her foster mom but her foster dad has won her over too with his quiet voice and gentle ways.   They say good things come in small packages and that certainly describes Bonnie;  a perky miss, just waiting for that right someone.






Bernice had exposure to people – she was a ‘tied-out’ dog in her previous life but that leads to a lack of socialization too.   How many people stopped by each day to tell  her she was a good dog?  One who was a great friend?  Who marveled at how big she was?   Not many.   Bernice does well with another friendly dog and follows her fosters around, obviously enjoying hearing them talk to her and praise her for the good dog she is.  She hasn’t learned to play with toys yet but that will come.  Right now she is so happy to hear love in the voices of her foster family.  Bernice is a BIG girl with an even bigger heart to shower you with love.




These and many other dogs and cats are traveling the road to having a forever home – are you able to provide one?  Check out our adoptable animals!