Can you help? More volunteers urgently needed!

Can you help? More volunteers urgently needed!

Personal schedules have changed and people who had committed to going to volunteer are no longer able to!  Help is especially needed to arrive on Oct. 9 end of day and to help set things up so all is ready to go on Oct. 10.  Join the crew!


There will be a spay – neuter clinic on Oct. 10-13. on the Red Lake reservation.


Willing workers are needed; to clean, to record data, to help with intake, to walk dogs and give comfort to cats and dogs, to help hold, to fix food for yourself and other hungry workers, to make new friends and most importantly – to help prevent more unwanted litters from being born!

Experience isn’t necessary and you will be able to enjoy a drive to northern MN, enjoy beautiful fall colors and you will realize that each of us can make a difference.



You don’t have to be officially a Pet Haven volunteer or member, it’s important to introduce new folks to the world and work of animal welfare.  Help us spread the word!

Volunteer for the day, for the entire clinic.  To learn more about this clinic and to ask questions, contact DeeDee here.


To see more pictures and read about other’s experiences at clinics like these, click here.