Cats and dogs need your continued support!

Cats and dogs need your continued support!

Pet Haven rescues and re-homes dogs and cats, we work tirelessly to carve significant funds out of our budget every year to spay and neuter owned animals and support other groups as they offer spay and neuter services to their communities to control the overpopulation problem brought about by too many animals being abandoned when they become pregnant or who get into too many fights because they aren’t neutered.  We volunteer with other groups to help when they have spay and neuter clinics.  Some homeless cats and dogs come to us because they were injured.

Foxy was in a fight with other stray dogs.  She’s been adopted and is the BEST cuddlebug and companion!


We spay and neuter all of the animals who come to us for a 2nd or 3rd chance at finding a forever home.  Most of them go through their health exams fairly quickly and are soon on their way to that new home.  From April – October, in particular, we are inundated with calls to help an animal injured when it was in a fight, run over by a vehicle, was neglected and who may be starving because of abandonment, abuse or neglect.

To do all these things, we need your support!


And don’t forget those ‘babies’!   These are prime months for births of unwanted, unplanned litters.

bottle baby

Flowers are blooming and weeds are growing and everyone in rescue knows that means there are kittens and puppies who will need extra help.   Cute as they are, and we don’t deny that they are cute, these litters are also a HUGE commitment of time and resources for every group.  The sad reality is that a good number of babies don’t pull through the first difficult weeks, especially if they were orphaned.  Our dedicated efforts and best intentions can’t work magic.

Cute puppy

The foster family who takes on an orphaned litter of kittens must be available for feedings 4-8 times a day and night, depending on their age.  When the weight of the kitten is around 6 ounces it is very hard to combat diarrhea or viral colds even with our well stocked toolboxes.  Parasites in the intestines, fleas and ear mites all work together to make the kitten or puppy anemic.  The mothers were often abandoned or died and did not have good nutrition before and during their pregnancy.  Dewormers begin, sub q fluids help support tiny bodies, special foods help them grow.

aylas babes

Those of us who foster kittens appreciate that they learn what a litterbox is for a LOT sooner than puppies learn to tell you it is time to go outside to do its job!  However both species need many baths, loads of towels go through the washer and there is much scrubbing of floors!

We get attached, we are sad when one or more doesn’t survive, it is a big job that takes an incredible amount of energy.  Kittens and puppies miss their mom’s loving and we are poor substitutes but we do our best to cuddle and hold and console.

Continue to support us, please!  Whether you wish to help with spay and neuter in our community and others; to help with our ‘everyday’ care of those who we re-home; or by helping with the high quality food and formula we need for our babies of for our special needs dogs and cats.  You may not be able to foster or adopt but you might be able to help fund raise or make a donation.  We all appreciate you help in whatever way.


Sally is recuperating in her foster home after she broke her leg and had other injuries after she was struck by a car.


Confetti, Mosaic and Adobe have had baths, are eating well and have firm stools now.  As you can see, Mosaic is much smaller and has less energy but she loves to be held and lifts her tail high when she is happy.  They’re in the process of dewormings, getting high calorie food to help them regain their health and  grow big and strong!  They no longer need sub q fluids which was a twice daily occasion during their first week in their foster home.

Thank you from Foxy, Sally and the kittens!