Change in tax law

Change in tax law

In addition to other new laws that benefit the welfare of companion animals passed by the MN legislature this year, there has been a change in the tax code.

In the past all shelters, rescue groups and humane societies have had to pay tax on the adoption fee of the cats, dogs, birds, bunnies, etc. that they adopted out.  Pet Haven has been backing this fee out from our regular adoption fees as we were aware of this.  Not all groups knew about this and some have been caught and owed very large bills for previous adoptions in years past.



Here is some of the information that pertains to this tax.

 Voluntary Sales Tax Compliance Program for Animal Shelters

Did you know that sales of pets, pet supplies and adoption fees are taxable?  If your organization has not been collecting tax on such sales, you may benefit from a v oluntary tax compliance program.


Nonprofit animal shelters that are not registered to collect and remit sales and use tax may come forward without penalty until Dec. 31, 2014.  Under a new law, qualifingy organizations that voluntarily come forward and register will not be liable for sale and use taxes they would otherwise own on previous transactions.


Who qualifies for this program?

Minnesota nonprofit organizations whose primary business is rescuing, sheltering and find homes for unwanted animals, and who are not currently registered for sales and use taxx.


How to participate in this program

To Participate, you must register for  sale and use tax as detailed below by Dec. 31, then collect and pay the tax as required by law.


You can apply for a MN tax ID number:  online at and type MN tax ID in the search box or by phone 651-282-5225


Informational meetings will be held in different areas in late July and August.  Check out the website for further details.


Please let any organization that you know of who might not know about the change in law and tell them to get informed to avoid large penalties!  There may be many groups who do not know about this.