Armour was a great representative for Pet Haven at the Twin’s game today!  Were you there?  Did you catch the video about Pet Haven and some of our rescued pets looking for homes?  If not, it will be available for wider viewing at an announced date.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make this a reality – and especially to one who thought up the idea, worked with the Twins organization, contacted people to make the video a reality and managed ordering t shirts and tickets!  Many thanks!

Armour was a star also – she and her foster home need to be recognized too!






If you check out our Facebook page you’ll see photos of recent intakes from both the cat and dog divisions.  Adults and babies.

Dax was live trapped a few days after her kittens were born.  She was just a kitten, along with her brother, born only a year ago.  On April 7 she had 7 babies in a yard in S Minneapolis.  All are doing well now, growing and responding to everyday handling.  Pick those babies up, pet them, put them on their back and pet their tummies, give them kisses, talk to them!  The list goes on.  How often do you do that?  Not once a day or every other day, you fit it into your schedule to do it as many times a day as possible.

To our knowledge Dax had not had people attention in her neighborhood.  After 2 1/2 weeks she is scooting forward to get her cheeks and head rubbed, got a manicure yesterday and has started getting sub q fluids everyday as those babies are really starting to drain her of calories.  It is hard for a disadvantaged mom who has had no care and no source of regular food to find enough to eat for herself – much less  7.


And here we are today –




Mom has a dirty nose because she smooshes her face into the canned food and it is hard to clean off.  The babies are going to start working on softened canned kitten also to relieve her and keep them growing.

Her brother has now been live trapped too and has been tested and neutered and we’ll see how he adjusts to having people in his life also – no surprise, he’s an orange and white boy.

When Pet Haven brings in puppies and kittens as well as adult ones, they are available for adoption once their pictures and bios go up on our website.    At that point you can submit an application and it will be considered in order received.  Prior to appearing on the website there are vet visits, vaccinations, treatment for parasites, spay and neutering and a period of ‘getting-to-know- you’.