Cynthia- Volunteer Spotlight

Cynthia- Volunteer Spotlight

Cynthia was nominated for a volunteer spotlight for many reasons. She has been a volunteer with Pet Haven since August 2008, providing support to our Board of Directors in several capacities- Cynthia is currently serving as the President of Pet Haven’s Board of Directors. She’s a master editor, a passionate volunteer, a yoga instructor, and all-around Pet Haven Maven!

Here’s a little more about Cynthia:

PH: What are the names of the people and animals in your home?

C: My husband Chris & myself and our two dogs: Andy (our Australian Cattle Dog) adopted from Border Collie Rescue of MN and Ronan (our garden-variety mutt, including Korean Jindo, Cocker Spaniel, Coonhound, Corgi, Schipperke, Chow Chow, and Petite Brussels Griffon Vendeen—or as we call him, the one-and-only Black-Tongued Korean Spaniel) adopted from the Animal Humane Society.

PH: Why did you decide to volunteer with Pet Haven?

C: Back in 2007 I was looking to volunteer with an animal rescue, but not in a fostering role. The company where I was working had a Volunteer Match site and program; I found a posting for a Happy Tails writer and applied. A few years later I was helping with Outreach, and then on the Board.

PH: What inspires you to volunteer with animals?

C: I’m passionate about volunteerism and charitable giving. I truly believe that if everyone dedicated one hour of the time a month, or the equivalent of one hour of their time in dollars, to a cause they care about, all of our charitable organizations would have their financial and volunteer needs met. For me, that cause that I care about is animal rescue. I don’t have kids, and my dogs are family—they bring so much to my life, and I want to help other companion animals however I can.

PH: What is your most memorable volunteer experience?

C: Back in 2011 I was volunteering at the Pet Haven tent at Pride Fest. We’d recently lost our dog, Parker. I was visiting the other rescues and checking out their animals, and met one I liked at the Border Collie Rescue of MN tent. I called my husband and had him come down to meet her. Yes, her. He thought she was ok. But as we stood there flipping through their book of available animals, my husband looked down at the dog sitting with a volunteer just to our right and said “What’s that goofy looking thing?” That was Andy. A month later he was home. If I hadn’t been at the Pet Haven tent that day, who knows how that wonderful pup would have found us.

PH: What is your favorite….

Animal? – Dog

Food? – I’m a foodie and love so many types of food, but I could eat pizza daily (with mushrooms and green olives!)

TV show? – I don’t watch much TV these days. Best TV show EVER is Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Movie? – Love Actually. Lame, I know, but it makes me laugh and cry simultaneously.

Band? – No real favorite, so I’ll give my favorite radio show: United States of Americana on The Current on Sunday mornings

State? – Montana. That is all. That is everything.