Daphne is lost! Will you help us find her?

Daphne is lost! Will you help us find her?

Daphne found a new home last month.  In early Nov. she slipped out the door and hasn’t returned.  We’ve had hard rains and now it has turned cold!

Please help us find this beautiful girl who raised 6  kittens with the help of her foster mom and who is loved by many.


Daphne is a friendly girl but may be spooked by people she doesn’t know when she is outside in an area she is unfamiliar with.  Please report any sightings to us on Facebook or to a volunteer’s home phone number:  763-559-3976


Below you will find the contents to a flier we have made to help find her.  It will be posted on our Facebook page also.   If you can print it out and post it in the area AND share with any friends and family, we’d really appreciate your help!


Daphne was recently adopted from Pet Haven and slipped out the door.


Will you help us find her?


Bloomington in the vicinity of 98th and Normandale Blvd


Please contact Pet Haven at 763-559-3976 so we can reunite her with her owner.


Daphne is friendly but may be timid with people she doesn’t know and being outside in the hard rain and cold.




Places to look: under bushes & shrubs, in window wells, unused dog houses, under decks and sheds. If you have had a shed open in the last 15 days, check to see if she darted inside and might be trapped there now. If you have snow on the ground, check for small paw prints around your yard.

The flier, below, will download for you if you click on it.   THAN YOU for your help!