Dogs and Cats need your help!

Dogs and Cats need your help!

On Thurs. June 19, beginning at 9 a.m., Pet Haven and other groups will be unloading two semi trailer trucks of dog and cat food to be shared out with many groups.  We need strong arms, back and legs to help with this effort and we will be in Chaska.

Pet Haven pays for rent on a storage shed in Chaska and because we will receive so much food this time, we have rented two units!  We ask the groups who receive food for their animals to pay $.07 per pound of food they take.  That goes directly to Pet Haven to help pay the rent on these units.   If you are a group helping redistribute this product or are in a hardship situation, talk to Gary or Erich on Thursday.



Many groups will be attending  but with that quantity to unload we need extra help. 

Are you a member of a home school co-op?  A scout troop?  Another your organization?  Recently retired and have time on your hands?  Or, do you just want to help the homeless cats and dogs find shelter, food and new homes?  Do you have friends who have Thursday off and could help for 2 hours or 4 hours or however long it takes?  There will be pick-up trucks, horse trailers, SUVs and other vehicles helping with transport.  Do you volunteer with a rescue group out-state who will be attending?  Can you bring your vehicle as well as another able-bodied buddy who can help?


chow for RLRR 05.06.12


What do you know about the Chaska Shed Project?

Almost 10 years ago, Charles Rawn at Carver Scott Humane Society (CSHS) contacted the K-Mart regional warehouse regarding food charge backs and began receiving more product donations that CSHS could use.  The extra food was kept in a satellite storage unit and shared with a handful of local rescue groups.  As the donation base continued to grow and more requests filtered in, it became clear that a group of volunteers to help manage it all were needed.  Today, this cooperative food share is known at the Chaska Shed Project.


The Shed has received donations from K-Mart, Target, Super Value, Walmart, PetCo, Mars and Chuck & Don’s as well as RFG.   At times surpluses have been picked up by Blue Earth and Nicollet County Humane Society (BENCHS) for redistribution to smaller outstate programs in southern MN.  In addition to overseeing the distribution efforts, Pet Haven manages the storage unit charges.  CSHS volunteers pick up food from donors and assist with the offloading.


The Shed is a lifeline that keeps a number of struggling programs afloat.  It also serves as a resource in disasters and emergencies – for example, when the floods hit a few years ago, volunteers sent pads to Minot and cleaning supplies and pads to Cedar Rapids IA.  Pads donated from hospitals, nursing homes and similar settings are laundered and stored at the Shed until needed.  They are primarily used at spay/neuter clinics for animals recovering from surgery.

We can never have too many volunteers – we’re always in need of drivers with pickup truck and trailers to move product around the metro area, along with people who are available weekdays to help with loading and unloading.






Puppy Mill-Hairless Dog

For more information and to volunteer , please contact Erich Russell at