Eddie at Chuck and Don’s, Highland Park

Eddie at Chuck and Don’s, Highland Park

Eddie has arrived at Chuck and Don’s, he’s not the boldest boy until he is comfortable with you and his surroundings so we aren’t sure how he will adjust to his stay there.

In the meantime, stop by to see him and spread the word about this fellow.



Eddie loves to play, by himself with a towel or bathmat to kick and wrestle with or with another cat to rough and tumble with or snooze with, and, of course, there are other kinds of cat toys he likes too. He’d love to have you play with fishing pole type toys, a cat dancer, etc. with him also.


He’ll be a little shy in his new home initially too, and will need to be started in a room so he can adjust to a smaller space at first.  He’ll get to know you so much faster if he doesn’t have access to the whole house to hide in.  Within a few days to a week or two (remember, you’re adopting him for life – so a few weeks aren’t very long in the years you will enjoy him) he’ll be greeting you at the door and ready to come out to explore more new-to-him parts of his home.


The dog division has been adding new dogs over this last week-end.  Be sure to watch our facebook page so you can catch up on those new kids too!