Extraordinary vet care

Extraordinary vet care

Pet Haven will take in animals who need more than our usual vet care.  Not all groups will or are able to commit to these additional expenses.  We deworm, give vaccinations (frequently these are the first the cat or dog has every received), spay and neuter all but the minority who already have been altered, microchip, treat for fleas, ticks and earmites, etc.  We test for feline leukemia and fiv and for heartworm and other parasite borne illnesses and we treat accordingly.

Heartworm treatment is expensive, it delays adoption by at  least 3 months and it is physically hard on a dog who may have come to us undernourished and needing other medical care too.  It is a painful injection for the dog and it must be kept very quiet for a period of time as the heartworms die off and begin to be dissolved in the bloodstream.




Roseanne is one of the pups who recently came to us and is undergoing treatment.  She came to another rescue partner, who does not treat heartworm, at a rural spay/neuter clinic.  That rescue partner reached out to other groups for help for her.


Roseanne is a well-mannered lady, she is house trained, comfortable in a home, loves car rides, people and other dogs.


Dental work isn’t a very glamorous procedure but for some cats and dogs, it makes the difference between a life of pain and chronic infection and a healthy life, free of mouth pain.  Charli and Brownie are just two examples of Pet Haven animals who needed major dental work this year.









Bruno is another case of a fellow who almost lost his life early on.  Found on the main street of a small town, hobbling down the middle of the road with one limb mostly missing.  No one is sure what happened to him, it was an ‘old’ injury, he was just 7-8 weeks old, and had a dry and filthy scab on it with bone protruding.  He needed prompt rescue commitment, amputation and rehabilitation and is now a happy fellow in his own home with another Pet Haven cat buddy.




These are some of the cats and dogs that your donation dollars help support.  Thank you!