Fire kittens and a cat

Fire kittens and a cat

Fairly often this group of kittens are referred to as ‘the fire kittens’.

They were found in a burn pile that had been assembled over the last season (branches, tree limbs, leaves, refuse that will burn) and the pile was set on fire this spring.


As the people who owned the land it was on watched to see the fire didn’t spread, they noticed some strange movement in one area.  There were 3 kittens who needed to be rescued!  All escaped with just a few minor injuries.  Mom was off hunting and, we’re sorry to say, has not been found and has probably had another litter by now.


Ella, a black female, had a burned paw.

Sinjin, a black male, had some curled whiskers from being too close to the flames.

Blaze escaped the least harmed by the fire but was the skinniest and had muscle wasting in his rear legs from lack of good or enough nutrition.  Poor mom was having a hard time feeding herself much less 3 hungry kittens.



They are now 4 + months old and looking for a home where they will be kept safe inside.  Ella is the more petite and is a snuggler as well as a busy player.  The boys both like some people attention but are more interested in rowdy games of chase and wrestle – with the other kittens in their foster home or with each other or with another playful adult cat.

They live with 2 medium sized dogs and are comfortable with having a respectful dog in their lives too.




Three of the many kittens and cats who are looking for forever homes.  Adoptions have progressed slowly this summer.  If you know of anyone who is looking to adopt, please send them to our website to see pictures and bios of the felines we have who are searching for a home!


Edie is also looking for a home.  She was surrendered at a vet clinic by a family who no longer wanted her and who chose not to get her spayed so she would stop having kittens all the time!


Edie is a cute girl.  She loves some lap time, her toys and also to play ‘fetch’!  She can wear your arm out in short order – good exercise for both of you!

Edie is eating a grain free food (no corn or wheat) and is thriving. She had been doing some vomiting at first but that has all stopped with a change in food – and she is certainly worth checking the ingredients!

A picture is coming soon.  She’s a very cute black tuxedo with the usual white markings on her face, paws and tummy.