Fund the Need! How did we do? Who won?

Fund the Need! How did we do? Who won?

On Sat. Oct. 27 Pet Haven held their annual Fall Benefit to raise funds for caring for the animals we bring in and to help in our other projects, specifically to increase spay and neuter for dogs and cats but particularly for cats this year.

A special fund raiser was held to hold a Beat the Heat surgery day, paid for by Pet Haven.  In the spirit of friendly competition, Ahnung, a canine who was rescued from Red Lake, and Bob, a cat who was rescued from the streets of the suburbs here in the cities came forward to fundraise.

Bob and Ahnung worked the room, asking folks to donate and to put their donation in Bob’s name or Ahnung’s name.






Drum roll, please!

Ahnung won!  She raised $1,479!

Bob came in second!  He raised $719!

A total of $2,198.

This spay and neuter event will beheld Tues. Nov. 6, 2012.  So they will never have a litter or father a litter, kittens 6 months of age and younger will have surgery this day.



It’s time – and never too late to make a contribution towards helping us spay and neuter more cats and dogs!  Click here, to see how easy it is to donate!

Seek out matching funds from your employer to increase your ability to give.

Honor someone for their birthday by making a donation.

Collect your spare change and make a donation every quarter.

Give up one special drink a week and gather that money together and make a donation.

Have a special day coming up?  Ask your friends to donate to Pet Haven rather than take you out for dinner.  You can invite them over for dessert instead!

Help us increase the number of cats and dogs who are spayed and neutered.  You will be saving more than one life!


You do know who won, right?  All of Ahnung’s and Bob’s feline friends won. Thank YOU!