Give to the Max is here! Why we need your help.

Give to the Max is here! Why we need your help.

Good Morning! Today is Give To The Max in MN and Minnesotans across the state will show their support to non-profits that are near and dear to their hearts. Please help us reach more possible supporters by sharing our posts on Facebook today or post on your own page about your support of Pet Haven Inc of MN.

We are hoping to raise $10,000 to help fund our major medical projects, to increase support of spay/neuter initiatives and to keep our general fund strong for the coming year. We don’t know what this winter will bring, and we want to stand ready to help the animals in need. Donations of any size will help us to help them.


Snowbelle was the victim of a dog attack in rural MN. Her wounds went untreated for nearly a week. Then a partner rescue got custody of Snowbelle and her wound was looked at. Arriving at Pet Haven she was given pain management for a large dog bite that needed to be stitched.  X rays showed stress to the femur on that leg although it was not broken.  Her pain meds were continued for a longer period of time as she has slowly gained strength and mobility in  her back legs.  She’s now in a Pet Haven foster home recovering from her ordeal & learning what safety & love feel like. Snowbelle is a beautiful girl with a forgiving  spirit and enjoys attention and plays actively   Your support helps us to extend rescue to injured & hurting animals.


Your donation makes you a Rescue Hero!





Duchess is a special needs girl who is currently up for adoption through our foster care program. Upon coming to us, Duchess was emaciated and had porcupine quills in her toes and face. You see, she grew up in Northern MN as a stray, so to her, the porcupine was a food option. Duchess needed to have the quills removed and unfortunately we were unable to save the toes on one of her back legs, which needed to be amputated weeks later.



As a result of her lack of socialization, Duchess is dog reactive and but has been assessed by Canine Coach trainers as highly adoptable to the right home. Funds from kind donors like you allow us to keep long-term fosters like Duchess in our program and get them all the professional help they need – whether it be training or vetting – to help them find their way to their forever home!


Please consider making your Give to the Max donation to Pet Haven today!




Tiny orphans seem to show up each year. These fragile babies need round the clock warmth, feedings every few hours, & vigilant care to get them through their first month. They are monitored for weight gain, treated for parasites, & carefully cuddled & encouraged. Their formula, & eventually canned food, & then kitten kibble are more expensive than adult cat food options, so a litter of 4 or more can eat us out of house and home (so to speak). Your donations help us meet this need & give these tiniest of arrivals their best chance to make it.



Wilson:Wheezie, Whistlin Sam





Nilla, also known as Vanilla Bean, had a very hard winter last year in Northern MN & lost tissue to frost bite.  Taken to impound from a mobile home park, he was starving & suffering from his injuries. As he has healed, he has transformed from a frightened, cautious cat into a cat who has learned to trust people to feed him and keep him warm and safe.  He  finds joy in play & affection. His foster Dad says they are best buddies, & Nilla loves to keep him company around the house. For all of the cats and dogs fending for themselves as this winter sets in, please donate & help us meet their needs.




Nibi was found in the middle of a rutted, wet road leading to a cabin.  Her Mom was nearby but wouldn’t let people approach, so poor Nibi was picked up and rushed to a vet clinic. The gash that ran almost the length of her little body had to be closed with many staples. Additionally, She had a badly broken ankle/hock. Nibi had narrowly escaped a run in with a predator.  In Pet Haven foster care, Nibi got pain meds and into the home of a loving volunteer.   Gradually, Nibi started to use her foot gingerly, her staples came out & she healed from her ordeal. Today she’s a playful, busy young lady and has been adopted by the family who originally found her broken little body that day.

Donations to our Major Medical Project keep funds available for a crisis rescue like Nibi.





In March 2011 we were contacted by a shelter partner about rescuing a dog who had been hit by a car. As a result of the accident, the dog had a broken leg; but this was the least of his issues. This white GSD weighed about 45lbs and should have weighed about 65lbs. He had mange, an ear infection in both ears, and lacerations all over his snout. Worst of all, Phoenix was terrified of all humans.





The dog was named Phoenix, after the mythological creature that rose from the ashes to be reborn, as we had hopes that this boy would come to be reborn from his terrible start to life. Phoenix first went to a no-dog household so his physical wounds could heal without interruption of other canines. Once his leg was healed and mange was cleared, Phoenix went to one of our homes experienced with severely under-socialized dogs, where he learned obedience, boundaries, and how fun snuggling was. And finally, after 212 days of physical and emotional rehabilitation in foster care, Phoenix went to his forever home, where he now lives with two adults and another Pet Haven dog.


Phoenix IV lite


To help get this boy to a happy and healthy state took many resources. Shelter resources, transport volunteers, medical professionals, foster home volunteers, adopters and financial donors to offset the monetary costs of his care that his adoption fee did not cover. Please allow us to continue helping dogs like Phoenix, by making a Give To The Max  contribution in his honor, today.