Gypsy Frizmo, the Therapy Dog

Gypsy Frizmo, the Therapy Dog

I was adopted on June 9, 2013 by my forever family, my mommy, daddy, sister and brother. My name was Celia when they adopted me, but they decided to change my name to Gypsy Frizmo.

My family is very active in the community and they run a small business and help run a very large car show in North St Paul, MN.

I am the Customer Relations Manager off my mommies business,  WebWolf Design.

I have been active in the community, meeting many friends, Viking Cheerleaders, Police, Firefighters, and Veterans.

I have been in training since my family adopted me and now I have graduated to the level of TDI Certified.  I am a therapy dog.

I have been posted in the local Newspaper, published in a book about the North St Paul Veterans Park.  I was the Pet of the Month for the month of May, 2017. I also have a very special car show friend who loves me. Her name is Mio. We can’t wait to see each other. She is a 2017 Cottage Grove Strawberry Fest Ambassador.

I have also become famous for my Gypsy wave. I love to wave to people.

I love to watch DogTV, I love Frosty Paws Ice Cream. I love bananas, fresh or frozen. I like banana chips and Charlee Bear for treats.


I have many fur and human friends, and we meet up and train/play weekly.

It has been a fun 4.5 years so far, and I look forward to many more years with my family. I love them dearly and they love me.