Help Pet Haven win!

Help Pet Haven win!

You can help us and we need your help – every day, through Sept. 19, 2012.


Will you click at The Animal Rescue Site to vote for Pet Haven?  If we win, we’re eligible for a cash prize!


Pet Haven works hard to take good care of the animals they rescue.  In 2012 we’ve had specialist surgery to help two dogs heal from car accidents, Jack and Honey.


When Jack was surrendered at a spay/neuter clinic his eye was badly injured and dislodged from the socket.  It was removed.  Only after entering a foster home and being watched did we learn that he had back and back leg issues.  It turns out he had been hit by a car and had badly broken his pelvis which had healed very unevenly.  This lead to leg surgery and possibly more surgery in the future.  He’s a happy boy and enjoying his new lease life.

Jack is fostered in a home that has ramps because they have bassets and understand the issues of Jack’s injuries and we believe that this will also be his forever home.










Honey also came to us, having been hit by a car.  Her left front leg had been broken through and she, too, saw a specialist for repair.  Now Honey is looking for her forever home!











A cat named Cheveyo had to have FHO surgery, another specialist surgery.



Two cats  have had full mouth extractions because of their severe gum disease. A couple of dogs have had bladder stones that were removed.  We always test for and treat parasite caused disease, vaccinations are given, prevention measures are put in place (ticks and fleas, heartworm, etc), we spay and neuter, remove lumps, do general dental care such as cleaning or removal of a tooth.


All of these things mean higher vet bills than our adoption fees can cover but we feel a responsibility to get these rescued kids off to the best start possible.  What do we do?  We rely on you, our donors, to help us keep ahead and make up the difference so these cats and dogs can have a healthy, enjoyable life.


We are also  very committed to spaying and neutering cats and dogs outside of our rescued pals.  We run a subsidized program for families that qualify and also offer grant money to other 501.3c organizations so they can get more cats and dogs spayed and neutered in their communities.  Programs such as these are the ‘sure cure’ for overpopulation in the cat and dog world.  Only when we get the numbers under control will we be able to find a home for every adoptable companion.


All of this means we need your help!  Vote today, vote everyday, it’s easy to click and help us be eligible to win cash prizes!  Click here to help provide food to rescued animals.


You can be sure that any donations, from winning at The Animal Rescue or from private individuals will be wisely used.  This is an easy way to put Pet Haven in the running.

You can always choose other ways to help Pet Haven too, of course.  Have a yard sale, a bake sale, make a monthly donation to Pet Haven, like us on facebook, spread the word and vote for us today and tomorrow and tomorrow.  This challenge runs until the middle of September, 2012.