Help Special Needs Animals when you attend the Pet Haven Fall Benefit

Help Special Needs Animals when you attend the Pet Haven Fall Benefit


This year when you attend the Pet Haven Fall Benefit, you will be helping fund medical expenses for animals like Redby and Chevy. The medical care for these two animals alone was over $3,500 and would not have been possible without the contributions of Pet Haven supporters.


Redby came to us as a 6 week old puppy with two broken back legs. The organization he was surrendered to couldn’t afford the care he’d need. He was literally on his way to be euthanized when a Pet Haven volunteer stepped in to make a few calls, and Pet Haven agreed to take on the fees for the care that would spare this boy’s life.


Now 14 weeks old, Redby has made a full recovery and he is ready for his forever home. He has a great temperament and is quite the charmer. Come to the Fall Benefit to meet Redby and other adoptable Pet Haven animals.



Redby for Email II




Redby for Email



Chevy was found in the dead of winter, emaciated and desperate for food, at a communal dump site. His ears were scabbed and falling off due to extreme frostbite and he had circular scabs around his back legs, likely from being caught in a rabbit trap for some length of time. Chevy also had a loose bone chip in a portion of the ball of his femur that fits into the hip socket. The chip had sharp edges created by the fracture, and was painful as it rubbed against the associated muscle and bone. Chevy couldn’t bear any weight on this leg.


chevy 1



Chevy had a Femoral Head Ostectomy and it was an amazing success! The surgery repaired his leg so that you’d never know that he sustained this dramatic injury. Chevy made a full recovery and now enjoys all of the jumping, running, and playing that every cat deserves.


chevy 2




The recuperation of Redby and Chevy – along with so many more animals – has been made possible by the generous donations of Pet Haven supporters. Attend the Pet Haven Fall Benefit and you will be helping animals like them get the care they need and deserve!



Pet Haven Fall Benefit

When: Saturday, October 19, 2013, 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Where: Park Plaza Hotel, Bloomington, MN


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