Join the PACK: Pet Haven Ambassador Canine Krew

Join the PACK: Pet Haven Ambassador Canine Krew

Pet Haven receives tons of requests to attend community events with foster dogs.  And while we love being out and about, talking about our work with pups in tow, we don’t want to over-burden our incredible foster families.  After all, they’re already caring for dogs in their homes, attending adoption events, and scheduling meet and greets with prospective adopters.

So what to do?  We don’t want to miss out on opportunities to share our stories and happy tails with folks  And it’s a LOT of fun to bring our canine companions to events.  So we are introducing a new program for Pet Haven alumni called PACK, which stand for Pet Haven Ambassador Canine Krew.  

If you have adopted from Pet Haven and love to boast about why your rescue dog is the best, consider joining the PACK.  You and your PACK member will be invited to attend events to promote adoption as THE option. Believe it or not, there are still some people who believe that rescue dogs have something “wrong” with them.  We’re going to dispel that myth by showing the Twin Cities that rescue dogs make incredible family members. And we’d love to have you join us!

We receive Happy Tails updates from so many of our adopters.  Take, for instance, Jasper.  He was adopted in 2015 and now lives the life on a farm with his new family, including his best friend Carly.  He’s learning flyball, goes canoeing, and keeps an eye on the resident horses and goat. Jasper’s attended Doggy Dash and Pints for Paws and is a shining example of how a rescue dog has become a cherished member of a family.



Since PACK members are going to be around other dogs and people, we do ask that they be well-socialized and up to date on all their vaccinations.  When you join the PACK, you’ll receive a Pet Haven t-shirt and your pup will be given a PACK bandana.  When event opportunities arise, we’ll send you an email inviting you to attend.  Easy peasy!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the PACK, please contact