Kevin to star on tv!

Kevin to star on tv!

Today, Aug. 5, Kevin will be with Ali from Sidewalk Dog on Twin Cities Live!  A star is about to be born.

Catch it on tv or see the segment on your computer at another time.

Kevin was named Midnight when he came to Pet Haven and when he was rescued he had MANY porcupine quills in his face and chest.  They were removed and more have migrated out and been removed as time went on.

He’s had a lot of ‘firsts’ in his life since arriving to rescue:

First vet visit with treatment, vaccines and neuter.

First car rides.

First time living inside.

First walk up a flight of stairs.

He is learning about being in a crate, working on house training, beginning to find out what toys are all about – and, we hope, soon he will have found a forever home!



He knows all about people affection and plops down by your feet to be pet or puts his paw into your lap to let you know he’s waiting. He also responds to a ‘whistle’ and comes to you.