Like those red-heads?

Like those red-heads?

Hi, my name is Red, and I’m an English Springer/Irish setter mix.


When I was first given up to Pet Haven, they thought I was totally blind and couldn’t see anything! Thankfully, that isn’t true — I can see quite well!

I’m four-years-old and 46 pounds, and have red fur and a white stripe down my face between my eyes. People love to pet me and say that I am so soft — silky, even!

When I’m inside playing with my human friends, I’m very calm, but when I see a bird or squirrel — watch out! My instincts just kick in and off I go, barking like crazy.

If you’re going to adopt me, you should know that I need training and a lot of exercise each day (particularly when it comes to chasing critters, as I tend to ignore any humans who try and stop me).

I get attached to people almost instantly and am very loyal (until I see a squirrel, at least). I love Pet Haven, but I really want my own family that I can love unconditionally!