Long term fosters

Long term fosters

When Pet Haven takes in a new cat or dog, we never know what kind of package we are getting.  Veterinary care, spay and neuter, re-training and adjustment to life in a home are all a part of the package. Such a cute kid – surely it will be adopted quickly once all of the medical is taken care of.

But – no!  Sometimes that adoptive home doesn’t appear on cue. 

Harold  (white) and Hattie (a torti), brother and sister, have been in foster care since they were about 10 weeks old and turned 2 years old in Nov. 2013.  They came in after living outside their whole lives.  Both had upper respiratory infections and, it turned out, had allergies which caused them to be itchy and groom a lot.  Placed on a grain free diet that included a novel protein (duck and green pea) they continued to itch more than usual and a medication was added to tamp down the itchies.  Both have been off medication for 4 months and are doing well.   They continue to look for that ‘just right’ home who can accommodate a diet which can be purchased at a pet food store and monitor their behavior in case they need medication again which is very inexpensive.  Not every adopter is willing to sign on for our special needs kids. 

They get  along well together but do not have to be adopted together.

Harold can be a ‘bully’ and he picks on some cats and with others, he’s fine.  He is a talkative boy, loves to romp and play, carries toys in his mouth and lap time is a favorite too.   Like to play with an interactive toy with your cat?  Harold loves the fishing pole or wand ones.

Hattie tolerates her brothers rowdiness well but is much more laid back.  She is playful and likes to be around people.  If she were an only cat she would seek out  attention more often but it isn’t in her nature to be pushy, so she won’t compete for her foster mom’s lap.  She loves interactive toys AND tummy rubs too!






Armor has been with us since June 2012.  This handsome fellow has gone to training sessions with his fosters and has developed very good listening skills. He loves to learn new tricks.  He will benefit from obedience classes with his new owner also so you can learn more about each other and how to communicate with each other.  You’ll see that he becomes the best canine companion he can be!   Armor loves to play with his toys, with you and with other dogs.  It is suggested that he would be best as an only dog only because he is so enthusiastic about play with another dog and he doesn’t understand when the other dog is ready to quit.  Armor loves people also and continues to work hard on not jumping up when meeting a new friend!  He says he just needs a little reminder every now and then.  Like to snuggle with your dog?  He loves that too and chewing on his toy bones.




Sometimes the way you look (black in color, certain breeds) to other people determines how quickly you might be adopted.  Because Armor is thought to be a pit bull and terrier mix, it has not been easy to find just the right home but there is someone out there waiting for a fellow just like him!

While our long term fosters are in Pet Haven care they need to be fed, continue vet care for vaccination updates and possibly take on training classes.  We know they’re worth it and we are thankful there are people like you who help us continue this kind of care through your generous giving