Miss Tibbles

Miss Tibbles

Perhaps you saw on our Facebook page a little note about Miss Tibbles coming to Pet Haven.



She’s working on healing – it is a big job when you’ve been an outside girl for most of the 9 months of your life and have received food on an irregular basis.

We’re learning things about her everyday.  She loves dogs with no reservations or caution!  3 grand-dogs come to visit her foster home periodically – two medium sized adults, one of them having very long legs and a large voice he enjoys using, AND a 4 month old puppy.  Tibs is right at their legs or face as soon as they are in the door.   It’s good they are respectful and enjoy cats.

Next to a dog she probably loves a lap best.  She is still working on balancing the ‘e collar’ she has to wear and getting around with one back leg so playing isn’t a skill that has been mastered yet.

This afternoon she was on the couch with her foster with her cone off – enjoying a busy bath time all over.  She is feeling twinges yet after her partial tail amputation and she bites it if she can reach it so she has to be closely supervised.  She’s on some medication to help with those phantom pains and the e collar takes care of the rest of the job of protecting the tail.




Her lower side and tummy were shaved when she had her badly injured leg amputated and she was spayed at that time.  It wasn’t noticed that her tail was frozen and ‘dead’ about 1/3 of the way up from the  tip and that was amputated a little while ago, after she came to Pet Haven.


Here’s a friend of hers in the same foster home:  Emmy



Emmy had a badly infected eye removed and will be spayed tomorrow.  She’s a ‘zippy’ girl who doesn’t like dogs as well as Tibbles but she certainly loves another cat and a lap.  She’s a very playful young lady.


Sunny’s been neutered now!  He progressing in his path to adoption too.