A month full of “special needs”

A month full of “special needs”

It’s been an incredibly expensive month of veterinary bills for Pet Haven, and while we’re  overjoyed when  animal’s in our care receive healing care and restored health, it’s a strain on our resources nonetheless.  In the animal rescue world, we’re constantly asked to attach a value to an animal’s life~ is it worth spending $2000 to “save” one dog?  $3000?  If we decide to do so, does this mean we will not have the funds to rescue the next one?  And the next?

Pet Haven provides extraordinary care to our foster animals.  Not only is each dog and cat fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered prior to adoption, yet we go above and beyond by providing dentals for older animals who suffer from diseased mouths.  Oftentimes we aren’t aware of the conditions of our animals prior to their arrival, and only after they’ve been examined do we find out that they have mange.  Or a respiratory infection.  Or lymes disease.  We fully commit to providing the care prior to adoption so that new families do not have to spend additional dollars once the cat or dog is in their home.

Medical needs are, by their nature, not the most pleasant topic to read about.  Yet below are just a few examples of truly “happy tails.”  We thank our supporters for their generosity, our fosters for taking such good care of the animals, and their adopters for opening their hearts and homes.  Pet Haven would greatly appreciate any contributions to the special needs fund.  Thank you.


Raya came to Pet Haven last December with  a bad cold…. and ringworm…and a BIG fear of people.  She required eye ointment and liquid medications to remedy her congestion.  As her  immune system became stronger the ringworm disappeared.  And so did her fear of people.  Raya is loving life in her new home!


This 12 pound Chihuahua mix cannot be described any other way than ‘larger than life’. (Literally) Everyone who meets him adores him – even people who are “big dog people” and people who don’t care for dogs at all. The pure joy that he radiates is infectious.

Frosty’s beginnings in life are unknown. He ended up in a high capacity Texas shelter at only 6 months old, and once they determined that he had a pretty serious heart murmur, his chances at adoption were slim. The shelter didn’t have the funds for surgery, nor was surgery an easy option; the closest resource for the procedure he would need was a 6 hour drive away.

Pet Haven was fortunate to have all the medical resources that Frosty would need right in our backyard, at the University of Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota Cardiology department confirmed what the specialists down South had suggested; Frosty had a grade 5 systolic heart murmur and without surgical intervention his lifespan prognosis – with twice daily medication – was 2-5 years. On April 14th, Frosty underwent valvuloplasty surgery at the University of Minnesota.  Frosty is recuperating at home, as you can see!


As all pet owners know, animals do not have the ability to tell us what’s causing them distress, which can be maddening.  Especially when the animal takes a sudden turn for the worse and ends up at the Emergency Vet unable to eat, vomiting, and lethargic.  This was the case with Nova, who stole all or our hearts at Pet Haven with her sweet disposition and gentle eyes.

24 hours later, Nova was feeling much better, yet her diagnosis remains a mystery.  What’s not a mystery is that she is very-muched love at her new home!



When surrendered, Obi went to another shelter where he was turned away as ‘feral’ and with some medical needs. Obi had most of his teeth removed too – he still loves canned food but eats kibble too.  He also has a wound on his back leg that the vet is working on healing. He’s had bandage change after bandage change and we’re now trying a splint now because he has been working on a new wound.  If this doesn’t work he may require an amputation.  One back leg persistently rubs the other one – he’s over 2 years old so he’s had this pain and infection since he was an older kitten.

Honey Bear, Sugar, and Blossom

A tale of 3 puppies.  Incredibly cute, but diagnosed with mange. After many baths, vet visits, and TLC they are fully recovered and adopted.



Talk about a little fighter.  Haley arrived from an overcrowded shelter in Arizona~ and while we were expecting a pregnant mom, we found out that Haley was actually suffering from hydrometra (a condition in which the uterus fills with water.)  Without surgery, her uterus would have burst~ so it was off to the operating table for this little gal.  24 hours later (and 20% lighter), Haley was back at her foster home and is now up for adoption.


Tillie is a great dane mix who came to us with a torn ACL, requiring surgery.  Although she’s not so happy to be sporting a cone, she is thrilled to be able to run again! See Tillie’s video below for her update:

$10 For Tillie

Please consider donating #10ForTillie today! More info here: pethavenmn.org/about-us/programs/special-needs-animals/

Posted by Pet Haven, Inc. of MN on Sunday, February 26, 2017