Moving towards adoption

Moving towards adoption

Cinder came to Pet Haven from Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue.  She’s about 8 months old and has a badly damaged foot because she doesn’t walk on the pad but the top of the foot drags on the ground – ouch!

No broken bones were seen on x ray, she may have nerve damage.  This week she’ll go for another consult  to determine if her leg can be saved or if it will need to be amputated.   In all other ways she is a normal, friendly, playful young lady!




She’s just beginning her road to adoption.

Here is a litter of 5 kittens.  They were found outside, mom was no longer around and they came to rescue on the White Earth Reservation.  By the time they came to Pet Haven they were at least 6 weeks old and had had minimal contact with people.   In addition to trying to disappear into the floor when their foster approached, they were badly underweight and needed a series of de-wormings to take care of all the parasites living inside of them.  After several weeks and some force feeding of canned food they began to gain weight – up to 1 pound.  The littlest girl, the ‘runt’, Winky, refused to be fed OR eat canned food.  She continues to have strong opinions about canned food – ish, yuk, NO thank you!  She has gone from 10 ounces at 6 weeks to 1# 1 ounce!


Winky is a brown tabby.

Now that the kittens have gained weight and are on their 2nd round of dewormings and diarrhea has lessened, they wear a harness and leash and come downstairs to the 4 season porch to gain confidence in a larger space and to hear more noises in the house and see people moving around.   Being picked up from the floor is still a frightening experience and it will take lots of practice to help them overcome this fear.   Each one is held multiple times a day in the lap.  All readily purr now and have their tails up high when their foster goes into their bathroom to feed them, except one!


Winnie is the most reluctant to trust but she has begun purring when held in the last few days!  A small thing but a real milestone for her.  She is a brown tabby also and has hair that resembles a rabbit’s fur, we say it is ‘ticked’.



Here are pictures of the others:


Waldo is the only boy and will have medium or long hair.  He’s a ‘pretty’ boy!



Wicket is a dilute torti, gray with a little peach in her fur.


Wiggles – a good name for her as she is a busy lady!  She’s squinting with one eye which might mean it is sore, that will have to be watched.  She is a brown tabby with white paws.


Graduating from a harness and leash, visits to the vet for testing and vaccinations and spay and neuter surgery are all in their futures.


Pet Haven fosters are patient, willing to work to help the dog or cat they take in recover and become healthy physically and emotionally, and then to search for the best home that will match their personality.  Being patient can be hard and we can use your encouragement and support to help us heal the ones who need extra care!