Pawgress Report- March 2022!

Pawgress Report- March 2022!


Will Work for Bones!

Volunteer Highlights on a few positions we need support with!

Cat Home Visit Volunteer

Home Visit Volunteers are responsible for managing and supporting the Cat Division Foster Coordinator by providing the final step in the foster training and onboarding process. Home visit volunteers provide the “home visit” for new fosters which includes final training steps, signing the foster agreement, and offering a welcome package to new fosters. Estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours per week. If interested contact

Pet Haven Phone Line Managers

The Pet Haven phone lines are a very important part of the service we offer our community. We often hear we are the only organization that has called back. Whether or not we can help someone is not always important. Sometimes just receiving a call from a real person offering some resources is enough to really help someone. Phone Line Managers are a very important face of the organization!

We are looking for volunteers to answer the voice messages for the Dog Surrender Line and Cat Surrender Line. You will receive messages via email and call back as soon as you can within 24 hours at the latest. A spreadsheet in google docs or excel will need to be kept for a record of the calls. You will direct messages to appropriate people within the organization and answer questions. Estimated time commitment 2 hours a week. If interested email if you are interested in helping 

Cat OS Foster Placement Coordinator

The OS Foster Placement Coordinator- Help to change lives for the better! Cat Division is responsible for posting reviewed and approved cats for owner surrender onto the Fosters Facebook page to find an approved foster home. This role coordinates foster placement with the owner and foster, and sends needed information to the Intake Coordinators. The OS Foster Placement Coordinator works closely with other Intake Coordinators and the Cat Adoption Coordinator to ensure a smooth transition for the animal to Pet Haven’s care. Estimated time commitment: 5 hours per week. If interested contact

Dog Foster Mentors

Foster Mentors are a very important part of what makes Pet Haven successful. Mentors provide support and guidance to foster volunteers and their dogs. They are the portal for fosters to all the support and resources within Pet Haven. Foster Mentors also work closely with all members of Pet Haven’s Dog Division Team and Leadership staff to make recommendations for improvements and be the conduit of communications to Pet Haven fosters. If you enjoy helping people and their pets you will like this role! Estimated time commitment 4 hours per week. If interested email:

Social Media Content Coordinator

As a Pet Haven Social Media Content Coordinator, you will enjoy changing pets’ lives for the better by using your creativity and marketing skills to help generate brand awareness and usage through Pet Haven’s media networks. This position will study trends in social media, research popular social media platforms, and create content for use across several platforms. The Social Media Content Coordinator should have a passion for the social media space, understand all social media platforms, and love for rescued pets. You are someone who wants to change their lives for the better.. This position will work closely with Pet Haven’s Operations Director and Executive Director. Estimated time commitment 4 hours per week. If interested email:

Interested in the Pet Haven Events Team? 

We will have a lot of opportunities to represent Pet Haven at events this year. From Adoption Events to Saint Paul Saints games to Paws on Grand to Pride and the Cat Film Festival at CHS Field or our own 70-year anniversary celebrations! Join the team and help spread the PAWSOMENESS that is Pet Haven!

If you are interested in getting more involved as a volunteer, check out the opportunities listed at


Notes from our Kerry (Executive Director)

Thank you for your patience while I did a little “refresh” of the Pawgress report! It is way behind schedule but finally out, with a new look and lots to say! 

There are so many good things happening in the first quarter of the year I don’t even know where to start. Time has moved so fast that I cannot believe we are almost in April! I feel like it has been a whirlwind getting everything prepped and ready for this new journey Pet Haven is on. But it is a welcomed “whirlwind.” The timing feels more than right. 

We are growing and this is where we need to be. Finally a “brick and mortar” home!

To be able to have a designated community space where we can come together for this very important work we do is such a gift. I am giddy with excitement over being able to meet many of you I have never met, offer services and support to our volunteers, our rescued pets, and the community in need.. This growth is so exciting!

Pet Haven has spent the last 70 years working virtually before virtual was a “thing” and now as we slowly come out from under the “covid blanket,” I realize more than ever how important community is and how much  I yearned for direct connection. I find it quite incredible that now after 70 years we are putting down roots. Roots that will grow a strong base. Roots that will spread to a much wider reach than we have ever been able to do before. We will have the ability to change more lives for the better and create a larger community of support. 

This opportunity to grow is being supported by The Nash Trust which was set up many years ago earmarked for physical space. We could not use it for anything other than that. The Trust is supporting the cost of this new venture. You can feel confident that our Rescued Pets will continue to get the care and support wanted by you and our supporters. We will not waiver from our model of foster-based rescue as we believe fostering is the future and truly saves lives. We will not waiver from providing the best medical and behavioral support we can give. With this new space, we will be able to add programs that will improve our rescued pets’ lives as well as our understanding and connection with them. We will be able to offer workshops for our fosters and volunteers that will provide tools to be more confident in the care and support of our rescued pets. We will also be offering support for the people who give their time to Rescue Pets whether Pet Haven Volunteers or from other organizations. We will be offering Yoga and Support Groups for those on the front lines of rescue. Helping not just pets in crisis but also the people who work to save them. 

As you can imagine much is happening and changing!  Our focus is for the improved health and support of not just our Rescued Pets, but also our Staff, Volunteers, the Community, and the Organization as a whole. One immediate change is Anna is stepping into part-time. She will still be assisting us with the transition to physical space and still support cat division, but she needed to make some life adjustments. Anna has our full support in her decisions. She is an asset to our team whether full-time or part!  As a result of her moving to part-time, we will be making some exciting changes to support the cat division. Those announcements will come in the next Pawgress!

With the growth we are seeing, we have identified we need to fill an important need and we are hiring for a new full-time staff position! I am really excited about this much-needed role we have created. We are adding a full-time Volunteer Program Manager. This role will be key in providing support to all our volunteers and making sure key volunteer roles are filled and supported. This role will also coordinate events for volunteers and recognitions. If you are someone you know would be interested in this position check out the full job description: Volunteer Program Manager.

It’s a very exciting time! I ask for your patience and kindness during this time we work out what will inevitably be some kinks in the system and process while we learn what works best and what doesn’t. I  hope these changes will continue to improve your experience volunteering with us.

Please keep an eye on Facebook over the next few weeks. We will be making announcements on items needed and things you can do to help with our new home. I am so excited to have a further reach into our community and to have an opportunity to meet more of you!

Thank you for all you give and do to support this amazing 70-year-old organization. Pet Haven is not just another animal rescue and we are more than adoption transactions.  We change lives and build families. It’s a lasting relationship and our longevity exemplifies this!

Notes from Ashley (Operations Manager)

Each year, we evaluate our adoption prices based on cost per animal, vet care, and other comparable organizations in the area. As of March 1st, we have raised a few fees minimally, kept some the same, AND added a bonded pair option so people only have to pay one fee!

All fosters with animals prior to this date have been contacted directly! Our foster manuals and website have been updated accordingly!

Updated Adoption fees:

Kitten (under 8 months): $260
Kitten Bonded Pair (under 8 months): $500
Adult Cat (includes FIV+): $180
Adult Cat Bonded Pair: $350
Senior 11+ and/or Special Needs Cat (includes FelV+): $100
Senior Cat 11+ Bonded Pair: $180

Puppy (under 8 months): $500
Adult Dog: $430
Adult Dog Bonded Pair: $800
Senior 8+ and/or Special Needs Dog: $250
Senior Dog 8+ Bonded Pair: $450

Notes from Anna (Programs Manager)

In the midst of all of the exciting things happening for Pet Haven, I will be needing to go to part-time status with my time with Pet Haven, but I will absolutely still be manning the Programs email, processing adoptions, and helping with anything and everything cat! I may be a little slower to respond to emails, but I will still be responding and helping with questions and concerns, and happy to help offer any behavioral advice as well! I will still be around plenty to help support Pet Haven!

I will also be helping a lot with the transition to the physical space! I have years of experience with operating a physical shelter, so I will be helping establish protocols and procedures with intake, vetting, inventory, and ensuring we have all the things we need to operate smoothly, efficiently, and safely! It is a big project for our team to take on, and I am happy to be a part of this new adventure and help our amazing team navigate these exciting waters!

So even though I won’t be quite as available to help out with the day-to-day, I am still here and around to help with tasks, questions and advice, so don’t be shy if you want to chat cat!

From our Vet Care Team!

With the shift to physical space and the exciting growth Pet Haven has seen over this last year, we are working on making some changes to the structure of our communication to better fit with our new and improved systems. To make a streamlined system for all communication regarding animal care, we have added a phone line dedicated specifically to animal care needs! This will be helpful for many reasons – we will be able to serve the animals in our care in more cohesive ways by having all communication in one place to ensure important conversations and messages are being seen and heard. Our partner clinics will be calling this number for authorization and communication regarding appointments and will always be able to reach a member of the animal care team. It will be much easier for those who are new to our organization to be able to understand where they should be communicating their urgent concerns.  

Of course, the first method of communication for animal care is ALWAYS the vet email but if there is something that needs to be addressed faster than the typical email response time or during after hours, this phone line will be the next step in getting ahold of someone instead of using the staff personal lines as we did in the past. Any questions, concerns, or just cute pictures of animals can be sent directly to this number via call or text.

This phone line will be monitored during business hours until 5:30 pm on weekdays and available for emergencies after hours and on weekends. If the team member who is monitoring this line during after hours or on weekends deems the matter non-urgent, you can expect a response during the next business day. If no one answers this phone and you believe the matter is urgent, the voicemail will give you options for numbers to call. These numbers are to be used in emergencies only if you are not getting a response in the time you need.

This will take some getting used to! If you have any questions about how or when to use this new line, don’t hesitate to contact the animal care team at

The new number: 651-206-2856.

Notes from the Board of Directors

It’s a busy time for Pet Haven! We are actively working with Kerry and the team to finalize the 2022 budget, which has been delayed a bit due to the recent change in Anna’s schedule, and make the most of our new space. 

One of the main tasks we have is moving the supplies from the storage units (and the various other places we have supplies squirreled away!) to the space. Special shout out to Board Member and Supplies Queen, Annette Agner, and her husband, Jim (the Supplies King), for all their help with logistics and planning. 

We look forward to holding events in the new space, including our April Board meeting. More to come on a volunteer event and other activities to celebrate Pet Haven’s 70th year. 

I also wanted to recognize Board Member, Jen Sposeto, for her work leading the Pet Haven Poorly Drawn Pet Portraits fundraiser. This is one of my favorite fundraisers and my daughter and I had fun drawing pictures (I’m sorry if you received my drawing!)

Paw Pals:  Featuring Becky Sheldon

Becky Sheldon has been a valuable member of the Pet Haven Family since the 1980s. This is truly a testament to Becky’s commitment to our mission and the family environment that Pet Haven cultivates!  The love, care, attention, and compassion she shows to our feline friends in need is truly inspiring. 

Throughout the 40+ years, Becky has donated her time to Pet Haven, she has saved hundreds of feline friends, helped to create families, and impacted the lives of the people and cats for the better. To say Becky loves cats is falling short. Becky is inspired by cats and her love and respect for them shows in everything she does. Whether it is a backyard stray she meticulously and patiently gains the trust of or a Senior Sweetheart from a shelter in need of a safe warm place to spend its last days or an old man with Felv, Becky is there for them. Selflessly. 

She has become our “go-to” hospice care foster. Wally and Ruby were her last two Pet Haven fosters and they were both hospice patients. They left this world knowing they were safe, loved, and home. This is a priceless gift.

Becky says she has more than enough love, space, the comfort of home and to give for as long as these senior sweethearts need it. 

Thank you Becky for all your gifts, and all you do for the feline friends that need you most!


Cat Division Update

February at Pet Haven was another amazing month for adoptions. We nearly doubled the number of adopted cats over this time last year. MEOWZA!

February Cat Adoptions

Congratulations to the following 62 cats who found their forever homes in February: Bronze, Jolene, Stilts nka R2, Kendrik nka Pickles, Beck, Buddy, Richie, Raji, Stu, Hermit, Turkey, Kiki, Bean, Motley, Brooklyn, Osiris, Onyx, Marmalade, Lily, River, Storm, Daisy, Batty nka Murphy, VIolet, Leonardo, Victory, Moses, Slim Shady, Ollie, Onika, Eve nka Penelope, Flynn, Zeke, Jacob nka Peter, Benjamin, Amelia Earhart, Pumpkin, Taki, Tofu, Max, Buster, Tre, Bo, Boots nka Crowley, Margo fka Russ nka Raven, Zipper, Ted, Gigi/Clawdett, Noora, Chloe, Cisco, Misty, Cocoa, Autumn, Bean, Keeley nka Meredith Grey, Critter Cat (CC), Vic nka Loki, Griffin, Ocelot (Ossie), Sylvester, and Lola nka Zola

Cat Petting Guide

Felines are notorious for operating on their own terms, and their preferences on petting is no exception. While one kitty may purr with joy as you gently pet the top of their head, another kitty may duck away from a scary human hand coming straight at them. Be patient, curious, let the cat take the lead, and watch for cues to help you determine if the cat is enjoying the petting. Just like humans, each cat is wonderfully unique, so consider making a fun “Petting Chart” to help you, guests, and potential adopters get to know your foster cat. 

Shout out to foster Jackie M. who made such a chart for her gorgeous foster kitty, Big Mama’s adoption profile!


Dog Division Update

Congratulations to the 20 dogs that were adopted in February! Walter, Charlie, Potato, Circe, Buster, Sam, Precious, Joy, Speedy, Easton, Hershey, Valencia, Bubbles, Buttercup, Max, Blossom, Winnie, Jax, Constance, Steve

It’s the year of the DOG! The Dog Division has been “rocking it” this first quarter! We have seen a 15% increase in adoptions. We have onboarded 18 new fosters, welcome we need you, and a new Foster Mentor! Welcome, Danielle Carter to foster group 2! Danielle started fostering for us in 2018. She was a pawsome foster and is ready to take the next step to support our Dog Division! Welcome, Danielle and thank you!

With the new physical space coming together we will be offering workshops to support our dog fosters in learning more about behavior and how to support their foster pups. We hope this will improve your overall experience and build your confidence in possibly taking dogs that need more help. We are parenting with some amazing behavioral support and training people and we are super excited to share this will all of you. Stay tuned!


Open Shed and Supplies

  • St Louis Park Saturday, March 26 from 10 – 11 a.m., St. Louis Park
  • St Louis Park Wednesday, March 30 from 6-7 p.m  St. Louis Park**The location of this may move- check Facebook!**
  • Watch Facebook for more St Louis Park West Side Open Shed times
  • Our New Saint Paul Office Location will open for supplies pick up starting April 7th! You can swing in Thursday April 7th from 3-7 pm and Saturday April 9th from 10-2 pm. More hours will be added as we get rolling but this will be set through April. The location is 505 Minnehaha Ave W, St. Paul 55103. There is a parking lot right in front! The building may not have our branding yet so look for the RESTPRO sign.

Meet & Greet – CATS April 17th 12-2 Location TBD

  • If you have a social kitty that would like to meet new people and go on adventures please consider bringing them. These events are really fun and well attended. 

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month! Watch for Events – mark your calendars!…..make a note to join in the fun! Get to know Pet Haven’s Director, Board Members, and Staff and join fellow Pet Haven Volunteers for a Yappy Hour in appreciation for all you do for Pet Haven and our rescued pets. First beverage is complimentary!

  • Westside Volunteer Appreciation Yappy Hour MeetUp and Wine – 4-7 pm Tuesday, April 12th at The Vine Room 756 Main Street, Hopkins, MN 55343
  • Eastside Volunteer Appreciation Yappy Hour MeetUp and Craft Beer– 5-8 pm Thursday, April 21st at Union 32 Craft House 2864 Hwy 55, Eagan, MN 55121
  • Pet Haven Physical Space –  Volunteers “Open House” COMING SOON! We are finishing up some details and getting the space ready. As soon as we are sure everything is ready we will set the date!
  • 70 Year Anniversary Celebration Events (Dates TBD in Mid to late June- Sept) there will be opportunities to be involved with these events from helping to organize, attending, and volunteering. Stay tuned for the fun!
  • Pet Haven Volunteer Awards Picnic – September (Date TBD) in St. Paul, at Kerry’s home (in our Director’s converted stable!)

Tips and Tricks

Warmer weather is coming! Keep Foster Pets Safe!

As the weather warms up our pets can get restless. They will want to be outside more and more. Please be more attentive and mindful of their safety. Opening windows to get fresh air is wonderful but please remember a pet can easily push through a screen and quickly escape. Cats can squeeze through an opening as small as the space from check to check! Dogs will be seeing more wildlife activity that could cause them to suddenly pull and jerk a leash right out of your hands. Please loop leash handles through your wrist and grab the leash with your hand. This will prevent the leash from pulling out of your hand when the jerking motion happens. 

Every year a foster pet gets loose here at Pet Haven. The panic and fear we all experience when a foster pet “escapes” is such a terrible feeling. This can be avoided with careful mindful attention to safety. Also when adopting it’s very important to remind our adopters of ways to help pets adjust and be safe “New Dog Safety” and “New Cat Safety”

Having a clear plan and tools to keep a pet safe can save lives!