Pet Haven Animal Flow Statistics for 2022

Pet Haven Animal Flow Statistics for 2022

Where do our rescued pets come from? How many get adopted?

Looking back over the last three years we compare valuable data.


Intake Totals 3-Year Comparison

In 2022 we brought 1,007 dogs and cats into Pet Haven foster care! This is a 23% increase from our intake totals in 2021.






In 2022 our busiest month for intakes was July, with 103 furry friends entering our foster care program.



In 2022 our feline foster care program grew, with a 27% increase in cat intake over 2021;

this is 805 cats taken into our care (172 more cats than in 2021).



In 2022 our canine foster program saw a 9% increase from 2021, with 202 dogs entering our foster care. 



Last year we continued to see a massive spike in animal surrender requests from families who found themselves unable to care for their pet, due to various reasons.

In 2022 we took in 265 animals, allowing them to avoid going into the animal shelter system within MN and instead go right from their home to a Pet Haven foster home.

This number is a 23% increase from 2021 and a 135% increase from 2020.

Keep note, these are just the animals we were able to take in and not the number of actual surrender requests we received from local pet owners.

We only have the resource availability to fulfill a small % of the requests sent to us.

We received well over 2,000 pet surrender requests in 2022.


26% of the animals that came into our foster care program were relinquished by their owner, but we had animals come from several other sources as well:




We were able to help 216 animals from local Native American Reservations in 2022.

The Native American Reservation partnerships we assisted include:



We worked with 24 Minnesota-based animal control/shelter facilities in 2022.

319 cats and dogs that could not be placed for adoption at their facility came into foster care.

The entire list of organizations we partnered with includes:


Intake Follow-Up Question


Why are we seeing dog foster intake numbers not trending the same way as cats? Cats are trending upwards and dogs are down. This is a direct result of not having the resources for dog fosters like we do cats. We have had a very difficult time finding people to open their homes to rescued dogs in need. Please consider opening up your heart to foster a rescue dog. Learn more about fostering HERE.

•Do we have fewer foster homes than we have in the past? We have a drop in the number of  dog fosters listed as “active” but fosters are not taking in as many dogs as in the past

•Do fosters tend not to reactivate when a foster animal is adopted out? With dog fosters, we are seeing a longer break between fostering again. With cats, the turnaround to fostering another cat is very quick. Two weeks on average between foster cats.

•Are fosters more likely to “foster fail” and not return to fostering? While we do have many who decide to adopt their foster dog, we still have many of them say they want to continue to foster.

•Is the length of stay for dogs longer than it was in the past, making our program have fewer open foster homes? This is possible but also the kind of dog we are seeing is taking more of an investment from the foster. Investment in time, behavioral support, and extra care that people may not have the capacity to give at this time.

•What is the average length of stay for a Pet Haven Foster Pet? The average Length of stay for a dog in 2022 was 89 days- 3 months. The average length of stay in 2022 for a cat is 63 days – 2 months.



In 2022 we saw a total of  1007 pets find foster homes and we had 919 adoptions!

726 cats found a home through our adoption program and 193 dogs.

Pet Haven Euthanasia/Died in Care Statistics – The Heartbreaking Side of Rescue Work

In 2022 we were heartbroken to have 4 pets die in care both very young.

  • Two were kittens – Trout had a sudden seizure, collapsed, and was DOA when arrived at the clinic; suspected due to heart murmur. Spoon got very sick and spiked a very high fever. She was rushed to ER but did not make it.
  • Ashley was a puppy that did not survive parvo.
  • Ivan was an adult cat that came in live trapped. He was found dead about 3 weeks in our care. We did an autopsy and he had an aneurysm.

In 2022 we were heartbroken to make the difficult decision to euthanize 5 adult dogs in our care

  • 2 dogs were in hospice and needed help passing to the next place. Rest in Peace Paula and Felicity
  • 2 dogs had untreatable medical conditions. Royalty had a genetic heart condition that was causing congestive heart failure and Coco had a brain tumor.
  • 1 dog was owned and the owner could not pay for euthanasia services so we brought Brindy into Pet Haven and offered services for them. Brindy had a congenital birth defect in her airway that could not be fixed and she could not breathe.


In 2022 we were heartbroken to make the decision to euthanize 18 adult cats and 7 kittens in our care

  • 12 elderly cats entered our hospice Rainbow Program and were loved and cared for until it was time to let them go. Wally, Zipper, Willy, Kitts, Ruby,Abby, Garfield, PK and Bumble Bee, Smokey, Oreo, and Wilson.
  • 7 kittens had extreme medical issues they would not survive and the appropriate decision was made with the help of professional medical evaluation to let them go. We do not take any of these life decisions lightly and will provide the best medical care we can to help those that need it. Sometimes there is no other humane choice but to let them go. Mocha Mouse, Bellamy, Parika, Monkey, Snickerdoodle, Gideon, and Steve.
  • 6 adult cats had extreme medical conditions and as hard as we tried we could not save them. Augustus Maywho, Peaches, Domino, Sweetness, Freedom and Peppers



Fisher, rescued from euthanasia at a rural Minnesota Shelter. He was deemed unadoptable due to under-socialization and fear reactivity. Fischer entered our Behavioral Rehabilitation Program and is now living a well-loved life with a loving family. This is real rescue. This is the impact we have at Pet Haven. 

Changing Lives Every Day


Pet Haven’s Live Release Rates

Well above industry standards!

Our 2022 Live Release Rate went lightly down directly due to our Hospice Program. We focus on removing elderly and terminally ill pets in shelters so they can feel safe and loved in a foster home for the time they have. When it is time to let them go we provide “in-home” euthanasia services where their foster family can be present and the foster cat or dog and pass peacefully in a loving stress-free environment. Something they would not have in a shelter setting due to resource limitations.

We believe this is a valuable service we gift to these pets that have been “left behind” If you would like to support this service, please give to our Rainbow Fund.


2022 Rainbow Fund recipients:  Augustus Maywho, Wilson, Oreo and Smokey, Brindy, Peaches, Garfield, Royalty, Ruby, Kitts, Willy, Zipper, and Lucy.

We love and treat them all like family……At Pet Haven, our pets ARE family.

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