Pet Haven’s new logo and website

Pet Haven’s new logo and website

You’ve probably found your way to this blog post from one of our social media sites, where we made an exciting announcement… That’s right, Pet Haven has a new logo and website! We’d like to use this blog to provide some context as to how we got here.

Last June the Board of Directors participated in a strategic planning session; we came out of that session with multiple focus areas for the year. One goal is to build a marketing plan to drive greater visibility for Pet Haven that will set us up for continued success and growth in the future. To support that work, we felt that we needed a refreshed logo (brand) and website.

Let’s start with the logo. When we talked about what we wanted in a new logo, we agreed upon the following. We wanted it to:

  • Feel fresh and modern, yet also warm and with somewhat of a retro feel that ties to our history.
  • Clearly represent who we are and our areas of focus.
  • Highlight our longevity.
  • Be attention-getting and easy to identify.
  • Be flexible in use, including online and in print formats.

We’re very excited about the new logo, and feel that it meets all of the criteria listed above. We hope you like it as well!



Would you like to get your hands on some swag with the new logo? All dogs attending Dog Days with the St Paul Saints at CHS Field on Sunday, May 22 will receive a bandana with our new logo. Don’t have your tickets yet? Click here to purchase!

The timing of our logo change was intentionally done in tandem with the launch of our website. This drastically new and improved website will provide a better user experience for everyone who visits, including current and potential adopters, donors, and volunteers. We want to make it easy for adopters to browse through the animals we have available; for donors to make and schedule donations, or find other ways to contribute; and for volunteers to sign up for one of our many volunteer opportunities. And of course, we want to make it very easy for everyone to learn about this awesome organization and the amazing work we do!

Our ability to launch this rebrand—to be a viable organization for 60+ years, and to have the financial means and reputation to support a rebrand—is all thanks to our supporters, donors, adopters and volunteers that keep this organization moving forward. This rebrand will help keep Pet Haven front-of-mind and relevant as we move into the future. We look forward to your continued support on that journey.

Warmly –

Kate (Executive Director) & Cynthia (President, Board of Directors)