Proud to be Pet Haven

Proud to be Pet Haven



First of all, I have to say we ADORE our new pup.  She is the perfect addition to our family, and we are so happy with everything that has happened with the adoption.  Now, we know that Pet Haven can’t take credit for how awesome our dog is, but here is why we would use Pet Haven again.

We had been looking at the local Animal Humane Society, but with the animals kept in kennels, it was really hard for us to have an idea of temperament and behavior – which was key to make sure she was a great fit for our family.  Pet Haven has volunteers that foster the pets in their home. This gives huge insights into the behaviors, good and bad, that the pet will exhibit in their new home.  It also acclimates the animal into the social behaviors of a family, instead of the high stress that comes with being locked up at a kennel.  I feel this is a huge advantage to making the adoption a successful one.

Secondly, we had reached out to some other rescues about other potential dogs and the response time was horrible.  I understand that most people that work with the rescues are volunteers and therefore not paid, however a month to find out if you’ll even consider me… that’s kind of ridiculous in my opinion.  However we had very quick turn around with all our inquires to Pet Haven.  This included the application processor, the foster family, the volunteer at the Meet & Great at Petco – everyone was on top of their game.

Adoption was a huge deal for us, we only wanted to do it once so were hesitant about some potential issues.  Pet Haven has a 10-day time period in which you can return the animal in case it isn’t a great fit.  Because of some concerns we had, they were willing to extend this time frame so that we could work with the dog.  Also be aware that although rescues will offer your money back within a specified time frame, most I looked at only let you apply that amount toward another animal at their rescue – and some even within a 30-day time frame or you loose your money!  Pet Haven returns your money to you, which was another huge seller to me that it’s more about the connection and fit you have with the animal than the money they receive.

Last but not least, the resources they made available after adoption were great.  The foster family reached out several times, and when I had concerns they reached out to others to get me great answers.  They also put me in touch with a ‘dog guru’ who was able to give me awesome help with some separation anxiety issues our pup has – on top of loaning us a hard sided crate, because the metal wire one we purchased wasn’t working well.  

Oh, and they are partners with the Animal Humane Society too, so if you want to use the Animal Humane Society for obedience training you’ll get a $20 discount.

Sorry for the story, but I do a lot of research online before making decisions and rely greatly on reviews from others when making a decision.  So I hope that some of this info was helpful.

Bottom line, if we wanted to add another addition to our family I wouldn’t bother with looking at any other rescue.  I would look to Pet Haven until we found the one for us.