Rusty-A Home for the Holidays

Rusty-A Home for the Holidays

Meet Rusty. This little dude will steal your heart……

Rusty is a sweet 10-year-old pug whose owner found themselves faced with having to surrender him. A decision like this does not come easy, but his owner knew they could no longer provide the care Rusty needed. They reached out to Pet Haven because they knew he would be in good hands. We promised to take good care of him and we did just that!

We knew that he had issues in the past with his urinary tract and was on a special diet to address this.

What we didn’t know is how dire his medical situation was.

After being with us for less than a day, he was rushed off to the vet after urinating blood.

Here is the rundown we got:
• Urethral stone
• Umbilical hernia
• Underweight
• Periodontal disease, AVDC stage 4
• Urolithiasis

Rusty had at least seven stones in his bladder and urethra – the vet couldn’t count them all! OUCH!

He quickly underwent life-saving surgery and is now recovering well. We are so happy Rusty came into our care and that we were able to give him what he needed to be a healthy, happy little dude

When Rusty came to us, we knew we would have the simple expense of prescription food to keep his systems working. But we ended up with a $2,000 vet bill we weren’t expecting.

Rusty’s owner didn’t have the resources to address his medical needs.

We do.

Because of people like you who support our programs such as the Phoenix Fund for emergency medical needs, we have the resources to help Rusty and many more animals in our care just like him.

Every day more and more of his sweet, silly, and loving personality shows. He is one lucky guy and has found his forever family. Rusty will be Home for the Holidays!