Ready and waiting

Ready and waiting

Are you, or someone you know, the home for one of these very adoptable cats and dog?  Foster homes have a wealth of information about their personalities, energy level and quirks.


Rainie is about a year old.  She is a very inquisitive young lady and would like to be a  partner in whatever is going on around the house with you.  In a previous life we think she was a ‘taster’ for a  king or queen and she continues to feel that her help is necessary in the kitchen to make sure anything prepared is perfect.  For that reason, she often goes off to another room to play with favorite toys when cooking and cleaning up are done in the kitchen!


She has boundless energy but also loves to sprawl across your lap for some purring and a snooze.  Need a girl to keep you company at the computer?  She’s happy in your lap but also behind the monitor so she can reach her paws around to play with  those moving fingers that are so enticing. 

Slightly cross-eyed Rainie had an eye infection when she came to Pet Haven which left her with a little cloudieness on part of her right eye.  She catches the slightest movement of a toy so it doesn’t slow her down in the hunt for favorite playthings: a spec of lint, a small piece of paper to bounce on and dance around, or a bigger toy at the end of a wand. 

Rainie eats a venison based food, the canned is a commercial product and the dry is a prescription food purchased through a vet clinic.  Her dry food will cost about $50.00 for 6-8 weeks of 2 meals a day.  She loves her canned and dry and gets 1/4 can of wet and one small coffee scoop of dry twice a day.  Her coat is soft and shiny and her colors are bright and bold. 


Brownie is a typical doxie. 

He loves treats and snuggling on laps, beside you or under the covers in bed. Doggie beds are fun to slide around the floor and hide under. 

He barks when he hears noises he doesn’t recognize or if someone comes to the door.  It’s important to let his family know that he’s alert and protective.




If you don’t like squeaky toys, Brownie will solve that problem.  He’s expert at removing the offending item and leaves it on the floor for you to find and throw away. 

Brownie lives with the foster’s small dogs and gets along fine  although he does not play with them  a lot.  When he first came to Pet Haven he lived with a cat and he was fine with that also.  He likes to have the company of another pet around.  Do you work only part time or from home?  He’s like that too!

He’s not happy about being crated and is gated in a room when his mom and dad are gone.  Brownie is pad trained and also goes outside to do his job although the cold weather of this winter has not made him a happy camper. 

Brownie is a bouncy boy, looking for a loving family (older children would be fine) who will interact with him and give him lots of attention.  He has a bubbly, perky personality and no one would assume he was a puppy mill dog. 


Rocki has learned that living with attentive people and in a cleaner home are things to be appreciated.  She came from a hoarder house and had had little petting and lap time and her legs were stained up to her belly from the filth she lived in. Her soft meows sound a bit like the ‘cooing’ of a rock dove, thus her name.

This petite little girl will always be the size of a kitten.  She’s just under 5# at a recent vet appointment to update her vaccinations. 




Favorite activities include lap time with you, being brushed, a fishing pole toy that has a small toy on the end and any number of other toys.  When her mom leaves, she has several fleece type toys that are left hanging over the edge of a cat tree or piece of furniture and she enjoys dragging them down and playing with them as well as other toys.

Rocki’s purr has gotten  louder as she shows her pleasure at having such a good life.  She can be a ‘victim’ cat (easily bullied) so being an only cat  would be fine or with another gentle cat.  She would do best in an adult, quieter home where she can easily get used to the noises of the house.  The grandchildren who visit her foster home are lively and noisy, as they  should be, and that is frightening to her.