Red Lake Rosie’s Clinic

Red Lake Rosie’s Clinic

Pet Haven volunteers took a road trip to Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue in early May to help out at the Spay/Neuter/Wellness clinic. Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue  is a companion animal rescue located on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in northwestern Minnesota. The rescue was founded by Karen Good and became a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2006.  Clinics are scheduled 4 times/year and Red Lake Band members’ animals are altered, wormed, given rabies/distemper vaccinations, offered grooming, and flea and tick treatment.  Red Lake Reservation is immense (the size of Rhode Island!) and incredibly beautiful.  As long-time partners with Red Lake, Pet Haven has fostered (and placed) many dogs and cats who have been surrendered by residents through the years.  We were eager to get our hands dirty, jump in to help, and meet the animals and residents at the clinic.

Day One: We arrived at 6:30 am and were given a tour by the clinic organizers.  The MnSnap mobile unit was onsite, which is where the animals were to be spayed/neutered.  A make-shift surgery/clinic area was set up for animals to be vaccinated, examined, and provided care.  Our grooming station was located at the back of the warehouse and ready to go.  We ate a great breakfast (the food was fantastic and never-ending!) and the animals began to arrive.

We groomed.  We bathed.  We vaccinated.  We walked.  We sat with the animals as they woke up.  We cleaned. And cleaned some more.  The clinic was amazingly efficient- the speed at which animals were brought in, altered, examined, and recuperated was head spinning!  A transport van made a run to a remote section of the reservation to pickup animals.  Residents arrived with dogs wearing crowns of porcupine quills (poor guys!)



Volunteers sat with shy dogs and gently spoke with them, soothing them and calming their anxiety.  There was a whole lot of cuddling too!

In all,  83 spay/neuters were performed, 30 wellness visits were conducted, 17 dogs were groomed,  and ticks too numerous to count were pulled off dogs.

We visited Karen Good’s property and met her “pack.”  As the founder of RLRR, we were amazed and awed by Karen’s commitment to Rez animals and the residents.  The impact of her work over the past 12 years is clear- there are FAR fewer homeless animals and the community has come to rely on these clinics to provide care for their pets.

Three days later, we packed up a van full of dogs who had been surrendered, and one cat, and headed back to the Cities.  Many of the animals will require more treatment before they are placed- an eye removal, an amputation for a broken femur….Yet our hearts were full. Our bodies were exhausted.  We spoke of how the trip reminded us all of “why we do rescue.”  It really does take a village, and we are proud to be members.

Thank you…..Karen Good- for all that you have done and continue to do, MnSnap, RLRR volunteers (Jackie, Jill, Deb, Amy, Kim), Jenny Jurek (coordinator extraordinaire), Nate, Darlene, Dr. Cindy Guss, Amy Dunbar, Karen, Maren (aka “Mistress of Clippers”), Dan (for driving all that way!), financial supporters who donated to Pet Haven, and Red Lake community members.