Redby update

Redby update

Redby continues to heal from his broken back legs. 




If you remember, he was run over by his distraught owner who then surrendered him at a spay neuter clinic in Red Lake. 

Poor Redby was in shock and a significant  amount of pain and was given pain medications and taken to a local veterinarian the next morning for an evaluation of his condition.  It was unknown whether the damage would be too severe for him to survive.  Luckily for Redby, he ‘only’ had a broken femur in each back legs.  No other internal injuries or damage to his pelvis.

If a group could be found to take him, it appeared his injuries could be repaired.  Pet Haven worked with a vet clinic to contact surgeons who would use plates and screws to make the broken bones  align again.  A special transport got him to the Twin Cities for scheduled surgery.




This happy boy is about 4 weeks out from surgery and continues to be on activity restrictions!  No walking , running, wrestling that causes him to use his back legs.  He must still be carried outside to do his ‘jobs’ and supported and then carried back in.   When he can’t be supervised, he is in a crate to control how much moving he can do. 




Do you see that blur of a tail?  Redby loves to be talked to!

As you can imagine, Pet Haven  depends on donations from the people like you to help us care for special needs cases such as Redby’s.  You can make a donation to Pet Haven here.  It can be a recurring donation or a one time donation, or you can write a check and mail it to our address. 

Pet Haven Inc. of MN

PO BOX 19105

Minneapolis MN  55419

Designate it for Redby’s or another special needs cat or dog or for spay and neuter or for the general fund which we use to pay for all of the extensive vet care we do for  all of our cats and dogs. 

Toby thanks you as he was provided with a 2nd chance when his badly broken back leg was amputated. 




Pearly had most of her teeth pulled so she would not have to eat in pain. 

These are just a few examples of the care that Pet Haven cats and dogs are fortunate to get – in addition to spay and neuter, microchipping, vaccinations, deworming and treatment for fleas and ear mites.

Most of the cats and dogs we rescue are strays or abandoned by their owners or surrendered when circumstances beyond their control force the family to give them up.  They may not have ever had adequate or any vet care.  If you have a pet you know that general wellness exams and vaccination updates, treatment for illness can be expensive.  We want to send these pets on to new owners in the best condition we can and need your help! 

Donations in any amount add up.  Thank you!