Second chances all around

Second chances all around

H-e-r-e’s Arne!





This puppy is full of energy, loves to play and is learning all about living with a loving family and receiving lots of attention!  Love to walk or run?  He’ll need that kind of exercise every day!


And, h-e-r-e’s Henry!




This boy was found outside, thin and dirty, trying to survive on his own and taken to impound.  The vet has guestimated he is 13 yrs. old.  In rescue he had to have one eye removed due to an infection that had gone on too long, causing him pain for an unknown period of time.  He’s found a spot in a Pet Haven foster home and loves to be brushed and combed which is a good thing!  He’s happy to have a shoulder or head to sleep near or curved around all night and is co existing with the other cats in his foster home.


Two different pictures of rescue – one from a home where breeding is uncontrolled – one where an owner made a poor choice when they no longer wanted Henry nor were able to care for him.


2nd chances all around.