Thanks to YOU

Thanks to YOU

in 2013 we went many places, rescued many animals, helped others with spay and neuter and educated along the way!


We collaborated with other groups and worked towards passing a puppy and cat mill bill.  Every year a few more folks become energized and together we will make this happen.




Adoptions were held 2-3 times a month – for both dogs and cats.  Volunteers helped us make this happen so we could find forever homes for as many as possible. 


The economy continues to upset people’s lives and commitments and both the dog and cat division had higher numbers returned to us than usual.  A few are still looking for a new home, most have already been re-homed.  Your donations help us with food and continuing vet care and sometimes extraordinary vet care. 






Spay and neuter is always exciting for us as we work to end over population!  Along with our own grants, amounting to over $16,000, we were fortunate to be one of the recipients of a grant from Chuck and Don’s, to be used specifically for spay and neuter.  This allowed us to reach further into our community, out-state and to partner groups with over $24,000. 


Kindest Cut Van


Averaging spay and neuter surgery for both dogs and cats, using  low cost high efficiency vet services, these surgeries were $40.00 each.    Many of these clinics asked owners to contribute $10-$20 for their companion’s surgery which means your contributions went further.


Were you with us at:


Park in the Bark?


Bark at the Park Jumbotron


St. Louis Parktacular?




Doggie Dash?



Woofstock in Linden Hills?


The Great Mn Pet Together?


Our Fall Benefit?



Give to the Max?


In future blogs, we’ll mention some of the animals you helped us care for in more detail. 


We had several litters of 6 kittens, others with only 4 and many single kittens, juveniles and adults, who make up the largest number of the cats we re home.  Some were:  Toodles, Bristol, Mokiki, Pepin, Woody and Mini Cooper. 

Puppies came in and were adopted rapidly and many adult dogs, such as:  Briggs, Mia, Rambo, Patsy, Chi Chi and Minnie.


We hope you enjoyed 2013 with Pet Haven and are looking forward to more adoptions, rescues, spay and neuter in 2014 and that you will continue to support us financially.