Visiting at Chuck and Don’s

Visiting at Chuck and Don’s

in Highland!


Anja is the latest cat ambassador from Pet Haven to have a stay there.  She’s an inquisitive, outgoing girl who is enjoying the attentions of staff and customers alike.



Anja came to Pet Haven with a litter of kittens, in 2011.  (That’s not a typo!  She’s been with us for over a year.)  The kittens grew and were adopted, Anja got spayed and has enjoyed her life as a young cat rather than being a responsible mom.  She gets along well with the other foster cats in the home and loves to play, cozies up with another cat to nap, comes for some good massage and is out and about with you unless it is nap time in a favorite bed.  We’re hoping she will catch someone’s eye and find a loving home of her own even though she does well in her foster home.  Anja knows what it is like to be homeless and another lucky cat will come into a foster home once she has been placed.

We’ve added 3 new adults to foster homes this week, you’ll see bios and pictures of them as they settle in and we get to know them; Mitch, Mimi and Trinity.

These 2 cute sisters (one a tabby calico, the other a brown tabby and white) are having their spay surgeries today and after a week of recovery they will be ready for adoption too.  Tillie and Toodles, furry bodies of fun!